Bulova Hack – Full Review

Bulova Hack on the rocks?

A lifetime ago – back in late February – we revealed that Bulova was having a moment. We also predicted that the current public health crisis – along with Apple’s giant killer smartwatch – will likely disappear some well-known watch brands. Do Bulova’s new products have enough swagger to survive? The vintage-inspired Bulova Hack tells the tale . . .

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Rolex Wearing Criminals

Babak] Broumand

“A lawyer who was an associate of organized crime figures saw [former FBI agent Babak] Broumand in a Beverley Hills cigar lounge and noticed he was wearing a gold Rolex watch,” Martin Woods writes at complianceweek.com. “The lawyer [considered] the Rolex and Broumand’s obvious expensive tastes as ‘an opportunity to recruit.'” And so he did. Broumand is only one of the least famous Rolex wearing criminals . . .

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New IWC Portugieser – Too New?

Original IWC Portugieser

The IWC Portugieser (Reference 325 above) was born when two Portuguese businessmen asked the company to build a wristwatch with the precision and legibility of a marine chronometer. Simple! Stuff a pocket watch movement into a wristwatch. Big movement, big watch. Small sales. According to IWC’s model history webpage . . .

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Why Watches Matter Now

Tudor 1926 sidewalk - watches matter!

Over at Quill & Pad, GaryG tackles the question “How in the world can you possibly be focused on something like watches at such a terrible time?” Seriously? Why do watches matter to horophiles during Coronageddon? They help keep us sane. Instead of offering this simple reply straight off the bat, GaryG tells Sherman to set the WayBack machine for 1852 . . .

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Coronavirus Watch 11: Rolex Prices Dropping

Rolex Pepsi

In WatchBox Market Wrap Ep. 05, veteran trader Mike Manjos reveals that watch prices are dropping across the board. “We got aggressive two weeks ago,” he admits, “we adjusted prices on Rolex sport models.” This week, WatchBox sold a ceramic Rolex Daytona for under $20k. A week previously . . .

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