Safe Queen Watch? Wear or Stare?

Rolex Yachtmaster - precious but not a safe queen

I recently came across a thread on a watch forum called “learning how to enjoy your watches.” It starts by admonishing collectors who don’t actually wear their watches. Like many collectors of firearms, knives, guitars, cars or other functional art, some buyers turn a perfectly practical timepiece into what’s called a safe queen watch . . .

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Watch Guide Fail – Men’s Health

U-BOAT - not on the watch guide

In the pursuit of horological truthiness, I see a lot of watches. And plough through a great deal of regurgitated press releases, pretentious twaddle and simple-minded pimpery. The 25 Best Watch Brands for Every Man’s Budget falls into the latter category. The Men’s Health’s watch guide is so bland I thought I’d wandered into CostCo. I hadn’t. I wandered into nonsense . . .

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Watch Design – What Does it Take?

Gerald Genta watch design sketch for Royal OakDesign is an all-encompassing field. It influences and determines what we see and what we make. Some underlying characteristics are similar through all applications. One in particular: good design “happens.” It’s not influenced by time. Good design is a Eureka moment applied to a shape. It can and can’t be rushed. Here’s a famous tale of watch design that illustrates the point . . .

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Date Windows – Vive La Fenêtre de Date!

Our dear publisher recently posted a provocative article entitled The Date Window Must Die! The “new normal” lockdown world (est. March, 2020) has left him in a stupor over what day it is. Casa de Montecristo is open every day and the computing machine will help him get the New Watch Alerts up on Friday, so who cares anymore? When it comes to date windows on watches, I do . . .

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Sponsored Posts Lack Editorial Integrity

Sponsored post on

A watchmaker recently contacted me to purchase a sponsored post. As if. How can I call this website The Truth About Watches and publish sponsored posts like UNDONE Celebrates Classic Aviator Watch with Aero Collection, found on Check this out . . .

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