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Aventi A11 Full Review


Aventi A11 money shot 2

Dear Hanu,

I’ve had the Aventi A11 for almost a month now. My deepest apologies for not posting a review sooner. I’ve got a new dog and the second ex and my youngest have moved to Canada. That’s no excuse for the delay, but it is an explanation. And then there’s the simple fact that the Aventi A11 is not my jam . . .

Instagram Watch Humor Sucks!


watchhumor internet watch humor
Courtesy @watchhumor (click on image for link)

I’m not saying Internet watch humor sucks. That opinion belongs to Ariel Adams, the man who founded ablogtowatch.com. Mr. Adams just published a poison pen piece entitled What We Can Learn from Watch Enthusiast Humor on Instagram. Turns out we can learn that Internet watch humor is bad for diversity . . .

Social Distancing Wristwatch Revealed!


Social Distancing Wristwatch

“After months of global pandemic shutdowns, people will want to feel safe when they return to work, school and social settings,” Renesas Electronics Veep Roger Wendelken says, not unreasonably. To that end, his company has invented “the first LRP UWB social distancing wristwatch solution.” Translation: a watch that alerts you when someone comes within six feet. That’s provided . . .

Casio Oceanus T200 Review


The Swiss responded to the smartwatch crisis with hybrid smartwatches: watches with physical analogue hands, a digital display and an extremely limited, immutable function set. Wrong answer. The Casio Oceanus T200 gets it right. It’s not a smartwatch per se, or the liquid metal Terminator dude. It’s a tasteful traditional watch that discreetly applies high technology to the business of timekeeping and . . . that’s it. It’s available . . .

Lewis Hamilton vs. Hamilton Watch Company


IWC sponsors Lewis Hamilton - watch news

Regular readers will recall that the Swatch Group – which owns the Hamilton brand – lost their trademark infringement lawsuit against Vortic, makers of “up-cycled” wristwatches. Vortic is back to selling modified Hamilton pocket watches and Swatch was back in court defending itself against F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, of all people. This time Swatch won. Talk about a no-brainer . . .