Watch Industry Consolidation – Coronavirus Watch 36

Watch brands for watch industry consolidation

As the watch world continues to grind through Coronageddon, we are starting to see the outline of what the post-pandemic new normal might be. More online sales, but not nearly enough to save everybody’s bacon; an even greater reliance on China, which is not the savior everyone is waiting for; and far fewer players as we head towards watch industry consolidation . . .

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UK Kills New Watch Smuggling

Watches of Switzerland Regent Street - watch smuggling no more

London is an important point of sale for luxury watches. Extremely important. A lot of the business conducted is done on a tax-free basis; buyers purchase a new watch, claim the 20 percent VAT back and stay stum about their new watch when re-entering their home country – avoiding additional tax. In other words, watch smuggling. I say “was” because . . .

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Wilbur Watches 2020 Launch Edition

Wilbur Watches 2020 Launch Edition money shot

A few years ago, Texas legalized open carry. As the owner of a gun blog, I felt obliged to give it a go. I couldn’t have felt more conspicuous if I’d worn a chicken suit. And yet no one seemed to notice. Same deal with the Wilbur Watches 2020 Launch Edition. I fully expected WTFs from casual encounters. Nope. Different deal down at Casa De Montecristo. I think Tim put it best . . .

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Swatch Lawsuit Against Vortic Fails

Vortic logo

Five years ago, the Swatch Group launched a lawsuit against Vortic Watches of Colorado for trademark infringement. The Swiss conglomerate – owner of the Hamilton brand – took exception to Vortic advertising their Hamilton pocket watch-to-wrist-watch conversions as such. This despite the fact that Hamilton no longer makes pocket watches. The Swatch lawsuit went to federal court. The verdict has been rendered . . .

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Expensive Watch – Worth It?

A. Lange & Söhne Lange Lange 1 Time Zone - expensive watch

Something is worth exactly what someone will pay for it. If someone is willing to pay a million dollars for a Timex Marlin, that’s what it’s worth. If someone’s willing to pay $10 for a Richard Mille (my bid) and no one will pay a dime more (which they shouldn’t), it’s worth $10. Of course none of that addresses the key question: is an expensive watch worth it? . . .

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