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Who Killed the Nautilus 5711?



Patek Philippe Nautilus Ad

The Gerald Genta-designed stainless steel blue dial Patek Philippe Nautilus Ref 5711 is an icon. A Grail Watch. And now, it’s DOA. Discontinued. Gone. Although rumors about its demise have been circulating for weeks, the news still comes as a shock. Why would one of the world’s best watchmakers, the ranking member of the watch industry’s Holy Trinity, kill its most iconic model on a Friday news dump? (FYI, Robb Report, it’s spelled Nautilus, not Nautlius.) We can only guess what triggered the move . . .

EBEL Sportwave Diver Review


EBEL Sportwave Diver close up 2

RaceR88 beat me to it: a review of a discontinued watch whose unconventional design inspired a horological hunt and kill. His G-SHOCK Cube dates back to 2007. My EBEL Sportwave Diver entered production in 2005. His Casio was cheap to buy back in the day, a pricey piece today. My EBEL was expensive at launch, not so much now. Both watches share one major characteristic . . .

G-SHOCK G-011D “Cube” Review


G-SHOCK G-011D "Cube" money shot

The internet is a drug. It lures watch aficionados with an addictive mix of horological danger and opportunity. Brand websites, gray market dealers, eBay, Chrono24, forums, Instagram, email come-ons – we’re exposed to an endless parade of tempting timepieces. With enough exposure (what’s that?), we eventually turn our attention to vintage and/or discontinued pieces. Watches like the G-SHOCK G-011D “Cube” . . . 

New Watch Alert: De Bethune, Citizen, H. Moser & Cie


De Bethune DB Kind of Two Tourbillon LE – $250k

new watch alert! DeBethune DBKind-of Two Tourbillon

New watch alert! Or should that be new watches alert? Assuming you don’t mind paying an insurance premium equivalent to a new Swatch every four hours, De Bethune’s reversible DB Kind of Two Tourbillon is double fun. It’s a Star Trek emblemed tourbillon! It’s a minimalist three hander cum roulette wheel! It’s both! Sporting De Bethune’s trademark floating lugs, the 42.8mm titanium cased watch is just 9.8mm thick, or $25,510.20 per millimeter. Yes it’s a plenty pricey piece but . . .

Oris Carl Brashear Cal. 401 Limited Edition


Oris Carl Brashear money shot

Once again we present an Oris watch tied to a charitable donation – without any indication of how much money is involved, either per watch or in total. This time we’re looking at the Oris Carl Brashear Cal. 401 Limited Edition dive watch. The recipient of Oris’ largesse? The Carl Brashear Foundation, honoring . . .