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Rolex Scarcity – A Criminal Conspiracy?


Rolex scarcity - confiscated watches

“Michael Gubbins, a chief superintendent in Ireland who commands the Criminal Assets Bureau (CAB), says that luxury Swiss watches, often worth tens of thousands of euros, are being used by organised crime gangs to buy contraband and settle debts.” Wow. Not only did writer Rob Corder provide an abject lesson in passive construction, the watchpro.com editor failed to connect the dots. Is this Rolex – criminal connection the real reason behind Rolex scarcity? Start with this . . .

Watch Accuracy: Rolex vs. Casio


Rolex Yachtmaster perfectly preserved

“A Rolex will never be as accurate as a cheap quartz watch.” That’s a commonly held belief by people who sniff at expensive automatic watches. Is it true? What about the reverse? Does more money buy you greater accuracy? Put on your best water resistant watch and join me for a data dive into the strange world of watch accuracy. . .

Movado Museum Classic Watch Review


Movado Museum Classic money shot

Movado is Esperanto for “always in motion.” In case you’ve never heard of Esperanto, Polish ophthalmologist L. L. Zamenhof created the “universal language” in 1887 to foster world peace. After two world wars and innumerable regional conflicts, Esperanto limps on as a historical curiosity. Does the same fate await the Movado Museum Classic Watch, as Movado‘s midmarket mallrats face death-by-smartwatch? . . .

Watches I Would Never Wear

Vacheron Constantin Historiques American 1921 on wrist

I used to think there wasn’t a watch I wouldn’t wear. I mean for a week or so, like on a dare. There are tons of watches I wouldn’t buy or choose. There’s a narrower category: watches I couldn’t stand to have on my wrist. These are the watches I would never wear . . .

Rotate Watchmaking Kit Part 1

Rotate Watchmaking Kit

“Built not bought” is an expression among custom/performance car people. More pride and satisfaction exists in DIY than in throwing down credit cards. Reality television has glamorized the mundane professions of auto mechanics, chefs, bakers, but not watchmakers. So who wants to be a watchmaker? Rotate Watchmaking Kits thinks you do. Robert Farago said, and I quote, “Better you than me.” So I got their Edison kit . . .