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Breitling Premier Heritage Chronographs Revealed


Breitling Premier Heritage Chronographs - B15 Duograph

If you click on Breitling’s product page and select the “Men’s Watches With History” tab you discover the brand’s proudest achievement. Hint: it ain’t one of the new Breitling Heritage Premier Chronographs . . .

Gold Watch – Three of the Best


Gold price

Gold Watches Replacing Steel? highlighted the fact that well-heeled watch buyers are gravitating to gold. Even though the pandemic pushed gold prices to new highs, the price of entry isn’t about material cost. It’s a simple matter of perceived value. While the genre’s flexing aspect accounts for much of that perception, I’ve got to say: there’s something very special about wearing a gold watch. Here are three very special examples . . .

Promaster Aqualand Eco-Drive 200m Revealed


Promaster Aqualand new

watchtime.com and Citizen have partnered to promote the Promaster Eco-Drive Aqualand 200m. Feel free to pop some Dramamine and join the April 15 online love fest. Ahead of that digital circle jerk, watchtime.com‘s Caleb Anderson has a “review” of the new Aqualand. In the interest of truthiness, let’s look at Citizen’s latest beast and read between the lines . . .

Hamilton PSR Review


OMEGA made the original moon and James Bond watches. Not my jam. Contrarian that I am, I was captivated by Bulova’s “other” Moon Watch, the Lunar Pilot. It stands to reason that I find the “other” Bond Watch appealing. Enter the Hamilton PSR, a remake of the Pulsar P2 digital wonder-watch of 1972 . . .

Chronoswiss Opus Chronograph Flag Review


Chronoswiss Open Chronogragh Flag Blue 2

I’m no fan of skeletonized watches. I’d have a different view if watchmakers removed the time telling bits. Who wouldn’t love to watch a steampunk-like combination of miniature metal pieces performing a mechanical ballet, unencumbered by distracting details like hands, indices and dials? As it stands, skeleton watches violate my legibility fetish. The Chronoswiss Opus Chronograph Flag is the exception that proves the rule . . .