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Graham Watches at Shopworn


Shopworn Graham Silverstone RS watch

Graham watches are famous for their jumbo-sized lever-actuated pusher (example after the jump). It’s an ergonomically sound, love it or hate it design. Members of the latter camp will be pleased to learn that not all Graham timepieces look like an M61 fragmentation hand grenade. The 42mm Graham Silverstone RS (above) makes do with ginormous trad pushers. Shopworn’s selling the Silverstone for $3,575, down from . . .

Vaer C3 Full Review


Vaer-C3-36mm money shot 1

“Why don’t you ride a Harley?” Good question. I espouse buying American but ride Japanese. The short answer: “Because I don’t like Harleys.” Their products don’t suit my preferences. I want to support my countrymen, but I also want what I want. Which brings us to the American Vaer C3 36mm watch . . .

New Patek 6711 WILL Sell Through AD’s


New Patek 6711

“It was reported that the [5711 Patek Nautilus] replacement watch will only be available at Patek Philippe’s tiny number of directly owned boutiques in London, Geneva and Paris,” watchpro.com reports (somehow avoiding using the word “we”). “A spokesperson for the brand has said that authorized dealers will get their opportunity with the new model this year.” watchpro.com based their original “boutique only” story on the new Patek 6711 on this exchange with Patek’s Prez in The New York Times . . .

Citizen Calendrier – Would You Wear It?


Citizen Calendrier - money shot

Yesterday, our man Klosoff complained about watches that go big to go home. “I’m one of those hidebound traditionalists who thinks 34mm is the right size,” Oscar asserted. While 34mm might be a tad petite for most male readers, there are plenty of sub-39mm watches from which to choose. A lot of them are “ladies’ watches.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear one, right? Case in point: the new 37mm Citizen Calendrier . . .

Big Watches. Why? Some Theories . . .


Big watches - Panerai MS Dhoni Flyback Chronograph

Big watches. Big mystery. A few years back, a 40mm diameter watch case size became the new normal. Back before Woodstock, a man’s dress watch was 32mm. Young’uns don’t know it wasn’t always like this. Or perhaps they think men were pygmies a generation or two back. The times, they changed. But why? . . .