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Watch Dials – A Beginners Guide


watch dials - detail

A watch’s dial is its literal face, its unique and identifiable focal point. If you want a watch whose appeal will last, you need to dial it in. TTAW has explored dial colors. Here we examine materials and texture to introduce the wide world of watch dials . . .

Watch Collecting Made Easy



Watch collecting made easy? Not if she/he/them can help it! But I can. Let me put it this way. You’re a collector. I’m an enabler. Let’s get to it . . .

NOMOS Tangente Date 41 Review


NOMOS Tangente Date 41 money shot

NOMOS’s Bauhaus is a very, very, very fine haus. The Glashütte-based watchmaker has the German minimalist thing down pat. OK, their Autobahn model is busier than the Bundesautobahn 565. But the rest of NOMOS’ lineup offers everything you want in a watch design – assuming you don’t want much of anything. Which is why only handful of their 200+ watches offer a date complication. Now including the NOMOS Tangente Date 41 . . .

Is It Safe to Buy a Watch From eBay?


EBay watch sales - authenticity guarantee

“eBay remains one of the riskiest places to buy a luxury watch online,” dmarge.com‘s Jamie Weiss writes, “and most watch fans would tell you to steer well clear of the site.” It’s too bad Mr. Weiss can’t come right out and say it: eBay watch sales are inherently dangerous. He certainly steers readers in that direction, quoting Dutch watch authenticator Relleb . . .

Core Seven Sins Review


Core Seven Sins Envy

What does it mean if you wear the Core Seven Sins – a watch whose “date window” rotates through the seven deadly sins (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth)? The obvious answer: you’re a Christian who wants a constant reminder of the behaviors that can doom you to the fiery pits of hell. Core owner Kerim Kfuri doesn’t see it that way. Well, not necessarily . . .