Hamilton Electrics Pacer Ventura

Elvis Presley wearing his Hamilton Electrics "Pacer Ventura"The watch above is a 1960 gold Hamilton Electrics Pacer Ventura wristwatch. It’s not known which watch The King of Rock and Roll was wearing when constipation claimed his life. Elvis Presley had a few truly tasty timepieces, including a Gerald Genta-designed Rolex King Midas.

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The RealReal is Really Bullish on Luxury Watches

The RealReal is an online luxury consignment company. You send them your unwanted luxury goods, they inspect them, price them, sell them and take a cut. Like so many disruptive tech firms, TRR isn’t making money. But they are selling a lot of pre-owned watches. And generating some interesting if potentially misleading data points. For example . . .

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Vintage Omega Watch Horror Stories!

I don’t buy vintage watches. Why would I? I don’t have the knowledge and skills needed to check a vintage Omega watch for authenticity and condition. As this video from my man Omega Enthusiast proves; I spotted precisely none of the issues. I became a smarter Omega buyer — by realizing how dumb I am. Let’s face it . . .

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Daytona, Aquanaut, Royal Oak: How To Buy One

The Holy Grail steel "panda-eyes" Rolex Daytona. Hard to buy!

When demand exceeds supply, prices goes up, availability goes down. That’s where we are when it comes to buying a box-fresh steel Rolex Daytona, Patek Philippe Aquanaut or Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. And that’s where we’re going to stay for the foreseeable future; none of these watchmakers plan to increase supply to match demand. So how the hell do you get a new one from an authorized dealer? Start with this . . .

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Breitling Superocean Lineup

BusinessWorldTV has just dropped this glossy advertorial for Breitling’s revamped Superocean model lineup. It’s by-the-numbers horological PR puffery in the great active lifestyle style. The twist: only the most amphetamine-crazed viewers have the mad skillz needed to read the titles before they disappear. Thank God for the pause button. And I sure am liking the Superocean Heritage Collection. You?