GEORGE Pocket Watch Review

GEORGE pocket watch

I’ve bought anachronistic items like the GEORGE pocket watch before. My intent: to be a “fedora” (a.k.a., a pretentious, attention-seeking ass). And then I found myself developing a deep appreciation for the sensibility of bygone accoutrements. And became even more annoying as a true believer zealously trying to convert others that the seemingly obsolete is, in fact, superior to the modern . . .

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Casio F-91W Full Review

Casio standing up on plaid

Jack Baruth clued me in to the Casio F-91W. “Most luxury watches can’t match an eleven-dollar Taliban graduation watch for accuracy,” Jack wrote. Sure enough, Wikipedia’s Casio F-91W entry has a subsection entitled Usage In Terrorism, cataloging the model’s popularity as an improvised explosive timer and ubiquity among terror detainees . . .

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