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Faisal A NayaniMr. Faisal A Nayani is a vintage watch enthusiast, dealer and founder of RedBar Atlanta. A GIA Graduate Gemologist with over 20 years in the jewelry business, Mr. Nayani is a keen-eyed tastemaker. He’s the first in a series of interviews with influential denizens of the watch world . . .

RedBar Atlanta guy's watch

What’s on your wrist ?
Today I am wearing my Maurice Lacroix Pontos S-Diver for RedBar – a Limited Edition release for RedBar members. I own number seven of 10 pieces made. This was considered the first Redbar watch ever.

RedBar Atlanta founder's favorite movement: Valjoux 72

Preferred Mechanism?
There is something about a good valjoux movement that I enjoy like the classic Valjoux 72.

What got you interested in horology ?
I can’t name a specific thing per say but I was always intrigued about watches at a young age. The fact many parts and pieces work together to create something as simple as helping us tell time fascinated me, so instantly I was hooked!

First watch ever owned ?
My very first watch may have been a Casio calculator watch if I can recall correctly.

Lord Elgin

My first mechanical watch given to me by a family friend is a vintage 1940s Lord Elgin. This watch was all but forgotten and many years later found again and re-gifted to me as a birthday present by my wife. I still own this watch today and being rather small it is never worn except on my birthday as my father engraved my initials and birthday on it many years ago.

The first ever “big boy” watch I owned was a watch meant to be flipped but my father purchased his daily Rolex early on in his career made me want to do the same. It’s a 1954 Rolex reference 6422 with a 3-6-9 Explorer style dial and guilloché texture. I also still own this watch and it will passed along to my children one day with the Lord Elgin.Paul Newman Rolex Daytona

Most expensive watch owned?
I have purchased many watches in my time and sold them but the one of high dollar value is a Rolex reference 6241 from 1969 which is a Paul Newman Daytona Rolex. This watch was bought to be sold but it is my only regret of ever reselling a watch to this day considering what they fetch and how sought after they are.

Least expensive watch owned?
Most likely a Casio of some sort. But I do not discriminate when it comes to mechanical or digital as the love of watches is what brings us collectors from all walks of life together.

Most expensive watch ever sold?
Again, the Rolex Daytona reference 6241 Paul Newman.

RedBar Atlanta guy's Orvis

Favorite watch of all time? 
I love the vintage Heuer ‘Seafarer’ collection a lot. I purchase my favorite of the bunch a vintage Heuer that is Orvis signed Solunagraph. It’s a thing of beauty with form, function on the tide and full moon and the colors are to die for!

If money was no object which watch would you buy?
Any and all Paul Newman Rolexes. They are highly sought after and constantly have appreciated over time no matter how high or low the vintage market goes. Can you tell I’m regretting selling the one I had yet?

What’s the future of the watch industry?
This is certainly a loaded question! The state of the watch industry currently is as it was during the quartz crisis. Some companies won’t survive the pandemic as this has affected releases, their bankrolls and their R and D as well as their inventory. But knowing all this as it is in every industry some will survive, some will fall and some will be created and capitalized.

Over all the resale market is alive and well as it always will be too. But even in the turmoil you will see those who prevail or have a strong financial group or backing behind it. The watch market will be there but maybe this change will filter the negative and hopefully some good will emerge out of this too.

Watch plans for the rest of the year ?
Honestly I rarely keep most watches unless they have meaning, so being a dealer, more buying and selling of anything that makes a profit.

Where can we find you?
At my Instagram account LivingTheAnchorLife and my website at LivingTheAnchorLife.com


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