New Watch Alert 3/20/2020

Porsche Design 1919 Chronotimer Flyback Blue

In the presence of the coronavirus epidemic, time suspends itself. As we get used to a different pace of life, as watchmakers and watch sellers shut down operations, all eyes turn to the Internet. And so our New Watch Alert continues – based on product roll-outs scheduled before Coronageddon. We’ll see how long this lasts, but it’s somehow comforting. Rock and roll . . .

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New Watch Alert 2.21.20

Artika Horizon 2 pendant style

The New Watch Alert The Swatch Group couldn’t stop! As our man Jack reported on Wednesday, the Swiss watchmaking behemoth is busy suing Vortic for using the Hamilton name. Besides, this is just a pleasant little curated round-up of the week’s new watches with a soupçon of snark. OK, it’s a twelve-course meal of sarcasm and horological truth telling. Napkins in place? Here’s the first course . . .

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Atelier Jalaper Watch Made from Aston Martin DB5 Hood

I recently posted on the “controversial” Bremont Wright Flyer, a limited edition watch that contains a bit of fabric from the Wright Brother’s first-in-flight airplane. It’s not the first watch to incorporate a piece of something else in its construction. Here’s one from a slightly faster and definitely meaner airplane . . .

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Watchfinder: Bremont Wright Flyer “Most Controversial Watch Ever”

No question: Bremont deserved a right royal pasting for falsely and misleadingly claiming that its Wright Flyer watch’s movement was made in-house. Question: how important is the in-house movement claim to all but the most anal retentive watch buyers? What percentage of buyers know or care what caliber pushes their watch’s hands around? If we’re staying within the horological community . . .

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