Watch Store Looting Decimate Owners

watch store looting

Looting is not a form of protest. You know it. I know it. The police know it. But it’s clear that the police in cities across this country aren’t ready, willing or able to protect businesses from the “protesters” destroying property and, thus, livelihoods. Jewelry stores are, of course, a favorite target of looters. The watch store looting toll is immense . . .

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Waltham Military Pocket Watch Project Pt. 1

Waltham military Pocket Watch

In Three Ways to Kill a Pocket Watch, I warned collectors to avoid eBay like the plague. Premium-priced, perfect-looking, “serviced” and “running” pocket watches might have hidden defects and inappropriate parts. Buy from a reputable dealer. There is another path: restore a broken ass pocket watch to its former glory. I spied with my little eye an entirely dubious Waltham military pocket watch on eBay . . .

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Coronavirus Watch 22: Which Watch Industry Brands Will Die?

vintage longines ad

Watch Industry Braces For Historic Downturn HoDinkee proclaims. That’s like saying a car crash victim lying by the side of the road is bracing for impact. Dude, the downturn is here. Last month, Swiss watch exports fell by a staggering 81 percent. There’s no sign of a “revenge shopping” recovery. The real economy is in the tank. Ho’ writer Joe Thompson offers us a piercing glimpse into the obvious, then shares the following eye-opening prediction . . .

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New Watch Alert 5/29/202

Worldwide watch ad

New watch alert! The Swiss watch industry is in deep denial about the state of the world economy and the rise of the smartwatch. Given the number of new watches hitting the market, you’d be forgiven for adopting the same What Me Worry? attitude. Don’t. The wristwatch’s second golden age is coming to an end. Enjoy the variety while you can . . .

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Study Shows HoDinkee Writer Is Arrogant

Not a HoDinkee writer kind of watch

Study Shows That Yes, People Who Wear Watches Really Are Superior Humans, proclaims. The headline over Jack Foster’s article raises a few interesting questions. Why no scare quotes around the word “superior”? Does Mr. Foster “do” irony? And how bogus is this University of Glasgow, College of Science & Engineering study? It seems Mr. Foster forgot his grain of salt . . .

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