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Hodinkee Pimps The Frederique Constant Yacht Timer

I recently ripped the Frederique Constant Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown a new you-know-what. It’s ugly and expensive, based on a patently ridiculous complication that doesn’t even do what its cheaper, more reliable quartz predecessor did (provide variable countdown intervals). Hodinkee’s … Continue reading

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TAG Heuer Formula E Irony

When Steve McQueen wore a blue TAG Heuer Monaco in the 1971 movie Le Mans, that sealed it. TAG Heuer watches and motorsports were a thing. Since then, TAG’s hooked-up with Ferrari, McClaren and Red Bull Racing. And now Porsche. As … Continue reading

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A Perfectly Useless Afternoon Quartz Watch

The nice thing about quartz watches is that they’re inexpensive. Inexpensive to make — thanks to off-the-shelf movements — and inexpensive to buy. As Swatch will attest, there are plenty of cash-strapped collectors on the lookout for distinctive designs to … Continue reading

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Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

As my review of a minimalist Black Bay blue Tudor indicates, I’m a fan of the brand. Now that Tudor has its own caliber — an awesome movement built with BFF Breitling — Rolex’s sub-brand is on a roll. The … Continue reading

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Casio Pro-Trek WDS F30 Sucks

Bless writer Jonathan Shannon for trying to find good things to say about the Casio Pro-Trek WDS F30. Like “it won’t appeal to everyone, and in fact the people it will appeal to probably won’t be too bothered about … Continue reading

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Always-On Apple Watch 5: The Hidden Truth

The Apple Watch 5 offers some new cosmetic options (titanium and ceramic case, Hermès edition), a compass, a menstrual cycle tracker and a REALLY LOUD NOISE detector (Note: detects really loud noises quietly.). The Apple-loving press had to have something to … Continue reading

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The Smartwatch Crisis Is Officially Here

Hear that? That’s the sound of a dead industry walking. In the last 18 months, Americans bought more smartwatches than traditional watches. The stat sounds the death knell for the traditional watch industry, facing a smartwatch crisis that makes the … Continue reading

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