New Watch Alert: 8/14/2020

ERA Hyperion – $1938

New watch alert - ERA Hyperion

New watch alert! A tourbillon has no horological value in a modern wristwatch. It’s pure theater. Given CAD/CAM, 3D printing and the like, it was only a matter of time before Chinese IP thieves artisans figured out how to bring the spinny thing down from high horology’s Mount Olympus to the masses. Via Wallace’s rocket ship! Now available, the ERA Hyperion is the first . . .

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Trump’s Rolex Day-Date Analyzed

Donald Trump Rolex Day-Date

Donald Trump’s Rolex Day-Date is his go-to timepiece. It’s a big step up from Bernie Sanders’ “whatever” Citizen and a big middle finger to Joe Biden’s OMEGA Seamaster. A couple of thoughts about Trump’s presidential Rolex President . . .

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Swatch Versus Apple Watch

Swatch versus Apple beach

Swatch versus Apple Watch. The battle lines are drawn. On one side, the plastic fantastic watch that saved the Swiss watch industry from the clutches of the quartz crisis. On the other, the watch that made analogue watches obsolete. The conflict between the two types of watches reveals the future of wrist-borne horology. Let the battle begin . . .

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ERA Timepieces Spam Scam?

ERA Timepieces email to non-watch guy

The world is a weird place. What happened just now at the office (Casa di Montecristo) is beyond bizarre. I’d just finished writing up the ERA Hyperion for this Friday’s New Watch Alert when my cigar guy Brad received an email from ERA Timepieces. Subject: There was a problem with your order. Wait. What?

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Sinn 104 A St Sa Full Review

Sinn 104 money shot

Let he without Sinn wear this watch. Sorry, I’m a punny guy. (Just ask @oldwatchlady.) I promise to restrain myself while reviewing the Sinn 104 – a German pilot’s watch whose owners tell me its Sinnsational. An original Sinn. Let’s start where I normally finish: price . . .

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