Do Luxury Watches Make You Smarter?

Vacheron boutique New York selling luxury watches

“Why do people pay the enormous price premiums for luxury brands?” consultant Daniel Langer asks at “Most people perceive luxury as mainly bought to signal power. But what if this answer is too simple? What if there are other hidden reasons?” Like an appreciation for luxury watches’ design, construction and heritage? Mr. Langer has other ideas . . .

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New Watch Alert 7/10/2020

Richard Mille RM11-05 LE – $215k


New watch alert! Regular readers know I’m no fan of Richard Mille’s illegible, sandwich-thick watches. But there’s no faulting RM’s technical excellence. Same goes for the majority of all new watches, of which we have eleven more to share. But first, more on the RM 11-05 . . .

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Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow Review

Christopher Ward C1 Moonglow money shot

“Most moonphase watches are unforgivably dull.” I guess I’m more forgiving than Christopher Ward co-founder Peter Ellis. I don’t find Jaeger-leCoultre’s Master Control Calendar dull as much as expensive, for example. Still, point taken. Most moon phase complications are one-dimensional discs playing peek-a-boo in a small window. The C1 Moonglow puts the Earth’s satellite front and center . . .

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Three Of The World’s Most Expensive Watches

Really expensive Patek

There are watches that cost more than a house. A good house. In a good neighborhood. With a pool. The Patek Philippe above – one of only nine pink-on-pink reference 1518’s made – recently hammered for $3.57m. Let’s have a look at two expensive watches that make the Patek look like chump change and one that makes you look like Rafael Nadal . . .

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Bell & Ross DIVER FULL LUM Review

BR 03-92 DIVER FULL LUM lume

The Mondaine Swiss Railways watch is no longer the world’s most legible watch. That honor belongs to the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 DIVER FULL LUM (shown here in complete darkness). The Bell & Ross DFL is fully, completely, totally, inescapably lumed and it provides just as much daytime legibility as the Railways watch. Bell & Ross accomplished this feat by. . .

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