New Watch Alert: 6/19/2020

Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti 300+ - new watch alert

The Swatch group spent a good part of this week shuffling execs. Certina, Hamilton, Longines, Rado, Tissot and Union all got new CEO’s. After reading Retro Watches – The Industry’s Last Gasp? you might be tempted to trot out the old “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic” metaphor. I’m too busy trying to keep up with the new watch alert tsunami. Let’s get wet!  . . .

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Patek Philippe Dealers Online Sales Start

Patek Philippe dealers online sales start

Responding to Coronageddon, Patek Philippe dealers worldwide have launched “Temporary E-Shops.” Housebound customers can now order their five-figure-and-up timepieces online from an authorized dealer and have their treasured timepiece shipped straight to their door. Not all dealers are in, but most are. And all of them . . .

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Grand Seiko SBGZ003 – $57k?

Grand Seiko SBGZ003 redo

A Grand Seiko SBGZ003 for sixty grand? WTF? I’m having a hard time understanding Grand Seiko. I love their craftsmanship and minimalist design – excluding any of their pieces with a power reserve indicator on the dial. Which is all of the “lower-priced” Spring Drive models. Which this anniversary model doesn’t have. But the question remains: what drugs is Seiko taking? Let’s take a look at their justification . . .

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Patek Philippe Carpet Bombs Instagram with Calatrava Weekly Calendar

On Sunday, @patekphilippe’a Instagram account blew up with posts on their $30k Calatrava Weekly Calendar. I’m thinking that’s because A) Calatrava Weekly Calendar sales are weak or B) their social media maven woke up from a coma. Bottom line: Patek reckons the watch wearing gen pop (as Govberg’s Tim calls it) needs a wake-up call on the CWC’s existence. Here’s how Patek’s promoting the product . . . Continue reading “Patek Philippe Carpet Bombs Instagram with Calatrava Weekly Calendar”