Justin Beiber’s Rolex Analyzed

Justin Beiber's Rolex

Justin Drew Beiber has come a long way since placing second at singing competition in Stratford, Ontario. Watch-wise, JB started with Casio. As you’d expect for a performer who co-brands with artists who consider too much bling not enough, he’s acquired a selection of diamond encrusted timepieces. Let’s look at Justin Beiber’s Rolex and its friends . . .

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Rolex Wearing Criminals

Babak] Broumand

“A lawyer who was an associate of organized crime figures saw [former FBI agent Babak] Broumand in a Beverley Hills cigar lounge and noticed he was wearing a gold Rolex watch,” Martin Woods writes at complianceweek.com. “The lawyer [considered] the Rolex and Broumand’s obvious expensive tastes as ‘an opportunity to recruit.'” And so he did. Broumand is only one of the least famous Rolex wearing criminals . . .

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TUDOR 1926 – Full Review

Tudor 1926 closeup

It’s an odd time to be reviewing the Tudor 1926. I can’t be bothered to shave, never mind pick out a dress shirt to complement a dress watch. Luckily, the entry-level TUDOR looks swanky from six-feet away no matter what you’re wearing. Besides . . .

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Rolex Datejust: First High End Watch?

Rolex Datejust at rest

Rolex prices are dropping. Now might be a good time to buy your first luxury watch. A lot of first-timers turn to the Rolex Datejust as an “entry level” or “one watch to rule them all” Rolex. At the risk of grossly oversimplifying, there are some good points about starting your high-end collection with the Datejust, and some less-than-ideal points . . .

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