Pre-Owned Rolex Prices Tanking?

Rolex Datejust in case

Are prices for pre-owned Rolex tanking, or are they hanging tough through Coronageddon? Buy, sell or hold? To answer these questions, we turned to The free-to-the-public website automatically gathers sales data from a variety of sources: eBay, Reddit, Watchuseek, RolexForums, Paneristi forum and Vintage Rolex forums. They’ve got the facts on pre-owned Rolex prices . . .

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Watch News: 6/28/2020

Hublot Big Bang e

Watch news! Assuming COVID-19 doesn’t do a Mexican wave, the Swiss watch industry’s movers and shakers will gather on Thursday November 12 for their 20th annual orgy of self-congratulation Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. For the first time, the GPHG will “allow” smartwatches in the ironically named “Challenge” category . . .

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Watch Depreciation – 3 Ways to Avoid It

Vacheron Constantin Malte on wrist

If you like your watch, you can keep your watch. With a bit of luck and an eventual COVID-19 vaccine, you’ll never have to sell it. When you die, someone else will take the hit. So depreciation – actually selling a watch for less than what you paid for it – isn’t a factor. Unless . . .

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The Truth About List Price

Panerai - list price?

I used to sell enterprise software. We always had a good chuckle about “list price.” In my little corner of the world, everyone sold into the channel by offering huge discounts off list. How huge?

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Rolex: Best Pre-Owned Value

Rolex value: Explorer ad

As a professional valuer, people often ask me what is the best value pre-owned Rolex.  To be honest, there’s no simple straightforward answer – there are so many variables to consider.  Your budget, the age and condition of the watch, whether it has box and or papers, and whether you’re looking to buy as an investment or for something to wear daily.  All of these aspects will bring you a slightly different answer . . .

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