Expensive Watches – Don’t Go There!

Expensive watches

Hello? Of course you should buy expensive watches. Unless you’re a die-hard minimalist – and maybe even then – your horological health depends on transferring large amounts of cash to watchmakers and their dealers. To be fair, this article should be titled Three Places Where You Should Never Wear an Expensive Watch. The SEO gizmo says no. Anyway, here you are! And here’s where you should never go with your expensive watch . . .

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New Watch Alert 3/6/2020

Citizen Kuroshio 64 in packaging

New watch alert! The pace of new watch debuts is slowing. No doubt Baselworld’s cancellation messed with watchmakers’ product release schedules. There’s still enough fresh product to compile our roundup – and then some. As stated in previous posts, it may soon be The Mother of All Buyer’s Markets. Can you wait? Should you? One word: addiction. Here’s your weekly fix . . .

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Sinn 556i – Full Review

556i on stand

The Sinn 556i isn’t the blackest watch money can buy. That would be the H. Moser & Cie. Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept and MCT’s Sequential One S110 Evo. Both timepieces incorporate vantablack, a man-made substance that’s almost as black as Satan’s heart. While the Sinn 556i’s dial doesn’t absorb 99.96 percent of visible light or condemn its wearer to the fiery pits of hell, the watch is very, very black . . .

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Sinn Watches: 3 of the Best

Sinn logo

Sinn makes a lot of watches. The German watchmaker has as many SKU’s as your local supermarket’s cereal aisle. Style-wise, it’s bezel-mania über alles. Or if you prefer, tool watch heaven. Technology is the main differentiator – tegimented steel here, Ar-Dehumidifying there. I’ve selected three watches that represent Sinn’s dress, pilot and dive offerings. I’m sure you’ll find the selection Sinntilating . . .

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New Watch Alert 2/14/20

This is the first New Watch Alert where I haven’t been ‘whelmed. That’s the new word women use when they get too many responses to their online dating profile. Because saying “overwhelmed” takes too much effort. I prefer the Toffler term “overchoice.” No matter what you call it, that’s the challenge I face when trying to stay abreast of new watches for you, gentle reader. It’s a tough job, but we can’t leave Hodinkee to do it  . . .

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