Apple Watch Dominates Swiss Watch Industry

Apple Watch dominates the world

The Smart Watch Crisis continues apace, as the Apple Watch dominates the entire Swiss watch industry. In terms of units sold, the gap between Chinese-made Apple Watches and Swiss-made Swiss watches (some with Chinese parts) is becoming a chasm. The Swatch Group may not be on death watch, but the writing’s on the wall. And the ‘net. According to industry analyst Steven Waltzer . . .

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SWATCH Big Bold Jellyfish

SWATCH Big Bold Jellyfish detail

In 1983, SWATCH introduced the Jellyfish (below). Designed by Marlyse Schmid, it was the first transparent watch and SWATCH’s first limited edition timepiece (200 pieces). The Big Bold Jellyfish marks the return of the historic design. No doubt the superb demonstration of the watchmaker’s increased technological prowess will be a big hit. But is the Big Bold Jellyfish swimming agains the tide?

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SWATCHPay! Takes on the Apple Watch


The quartz crisis just about killed Swiss watchmaking. SWATCH saved the industry from Japan’s horological tsunami, then used the cash to hoover-up OMEGA, Blancpain, Breuget, Glashütte and other high-end watchmakers. These days, the expensive side of the biz is going gangbusters, while SWATCH faces death by Apple. SWATCHPay! is their answer . . .

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