Eberhard Scafograf 300 Review

Eberhard Scafograf 300 closeup

Some watch brands leave their mark on the world. The Waltham Watch Company introduced assembly line mass production to America, kicking our industrial revolution into high gear. The Ball Watch Company standardized time and made railway travel safe. Eberhard & Co. doesn’t have that kind of claim to fame but the Eberhard Scafograf 300 sure left its mark on me . . .

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Expensive Watches – Don’t Go There!

Expensive watches

Hello? Of course you should buy expensive watches. Unless you’re a die-hard minimalist – and maybe even then – your horological health depends on transferring large amounts of cash to watchmakers and their dealers. To be fair, this article should be titled Three Places Where You Should Never Wear an Expensive Watch. The SEO gizmo says no. Anyway, here you are! And here’s where you should never go with your expensive watch . . .

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TUDOR Black Bay 58: Review

Black Bay 58 on the road¬†We can have a debate about what makes a great dive watch. We can have a debate about whether or not dive watches are a dead genre walking. But there’s no argument that the TUDOR Black Bay 58 is the world’s best [traditionally styled] dive watch. Having spent some quality wrist time with the watch the market finds simply irresistible, here’s why . . .

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