MB&F HM7 Aquapod PT: And Now For Something Completely Different


“Unlike previous incarnations of Horological Machine n°7 Aquapod, which indicated the hours and minutes via rotating rings with transferred numerals, HM7 Platinum Red features three-dimensional numerals sculpted in titanium.” Well finally! The caption to the video below reminds us that MB&F’s horological homage to jellyfish is lume AF . . .

The metal was specifically selected for its lightness, in order to have as little additional marginal load on the engine as possible. Because, of course, HM7 Platinum Red is aglow with luminescence, just as any fascinating creature of the deep should be.

Apart from the AGT ring surrounding the flying tourbillon, luminous material is found in the laser-engraved markings of the unidirectional rotating bezel and on the surface of the hour and minute numerals. These are untinted Super-LumiNova, which fluoresce white after exposure to light.

Here it is, in motion:

Strange that the video of this fantastically bizarre watch isn’t getting much love: just 1753 views since June 25. Wait. Did I say watch? Maximilian Büsser & Friends website begs to differ.

At MB&F we turn traditional watchmaking of the highest craftsmanship into futuristic, fiercely unconventional timekeeping machines. These sculptured, three-dimensional cases and beautifully-finished engines are called ‘Machines’.

You can call them Fred for all I care; MB&F is at the horological forefront (ramparts?), pushing the boundaries of watchmaking and design to new heights. Depths? Something.

MB&F’s products aren’t always pretty, but they are astounding. Here’s hoping for an MB&F steampunk watch. Sorry, machine.


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