UNDONE: Switching to Swatch?


I’ve always loved The Guess Who’s hit She’s Come Undone. It’s a catchy little ditty about a woman who scores 10/10 on the hot crazy matrix, who loses her shit. Will UNDONE come undone? Not likely. The watchmaker dedicated to mass customization is on a roll. That said, look at the watch above. It’s . . .

the 40mm UNDONE URBAN ‘Skull’.

I’m not sure who’s in charge of caps lock and quote marks over at UNDONE, but Diogo Minhoto (above) of Portugal’s Piranha Tattoo Studios is the man behind the design. Yours for $380.

The Skull is an outlier for UNDONE: there’s nothing you can do to the watch except buy it. Whereas you can change the watch case, face and strap on all their various standard models.Basically, the Skull is a creepier, more artistic UNDONE Swatch.

It remains to be seen if UNDONE’s business model is undone by distracting themselves into brand extension-land. I hate to say it, but I hope it doesn’t sell, so UNDONE sticks to the proverbial knitting.

Just don’t tell Diogo. He looks pissed enough as it is.


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