Christoper Ward C60 Apex Limited Edition Partially Skeletonized Dive Watch: New


Five years after releasing a watch with their SH21 movement, Christopher Ward is still the only British watchmaker selling its own in-house caliber. Someone call Timex! Meanwhile, Christopher Ward’s making 100 C60 Apex dive watches. To partially skeletonize the piece, CW had to stop waving the Union Jack and call Switzerland . . .

Christopher Ward engineered the C60 Apex Limited Edition in partnership with Armin Strom. Their Swiss partners make some extremely funky skeletonized pieces. Here’s one they prepared earlier:

The Christopher Ward piece doesn’t have quite the same oomph as brother Strom’s watches, but then an Armin Strom Skeleton Pure (for example) starts at $32,92.27. Not to mention their $383,381.43 Minute Repeater Resonance.

Christopher Ward’s new LE dive watch will only ding your plastic for around $4k. And the CW C60 Apex Limited Edition dive watch’s exhibition caseback (above) has its own multi-colored charm, putting Britain’s Only In-House Caliberâ„¢ on show.

They’re out now and I reckon they’ll sell out in hours. Go!

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