Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark

As my review of a minimalist Tudor Black Bay 41 indicates, I’m a fan of the brand. Now that Tudor has its own caliber — an awesome movement built with BFF Breitling — Rolex’s sub-brand is on a roll. The latest timepiece tempting horophiles: the limited edition Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark, celebrating New Zealand’s All Blacks national rugby team. Geddit? Before you do here’s a few things to consider . . .

There are a lot of good reasons to buy the 41mm Todor Black Bay Chrono Dark. While it ain’t cheap ($5,925) there aren’t any direct competitors from top-notch makers (e.g. TAG Heuer, IWC). Especially if you want a wikkid pissa blacked-out bracelet.

Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark on wrirst

Tudor’s lume is positively incandescent. The white-on-black date window is legible AF and perfectly placed not to get in the damn way. I’m so against tachymeters on watches, but you know, heritage. The two sub-dial approach balances the watch and makes it a LOT easier to read than any three sub-dial chrono solution.

OK, so the problem . . .

Tuod Black Bay Chrono Dark close-up

Check out those pushers. Notice that they’re grooved. That’s because they’re screw-down. Reading between the lines at Tudor’s website, we learn why.

The hybrid Black Bay Chrono Dark combines the brand’s aquatic heritage with the queen of the racetrack – the chronograph – resulting in a sporty-chic watch with a distinctive touch of nostalgia.

Translation: the Chrono Dark’s based on Tudor’s Black Bay dive watches. Screw-down pushers were the brand’s [cheapest?] solution for creating a limited edition Black Bay Chrono that won’t die underwater. With the pushers screwed-in, the CD’s good to 200m. Without them secured, not so much. At all?

New Zealand All Blacks rugby team

The website doesn’t mention the fact that the Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark has screw-down pushers. Hodinkee’s horological pimps don’t mention them either. I mention them because my God, what a PITA. Want to time something? Don’t do it underwater! Now, unscrew to tiny pushers. Time something. Than make sure you screw the pushers back in when you’re done.

Not me. I love me some Tudor, black watches are bad ass, and I enjoy rugger as much as the next guy — which is to say not a lot. Anyway, I’m out. You?

Tudor Black Bay Dark

But wait! There IS an answer to your horological dark desires: the non-chrono Black Bay Dark (Ref.: 79230DK). No stopwatch, no date window, waterproof to 200m and $1400 cheaper, at $4,525. You’re welcome.


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