The Electricianz Watches


The Electricianz The Mokaz watch

The Electricianz says the Mokaz (above) and its sibs were “born out of a strong desire for creativity in a traditionally conservative luxury landscape.” In other words, The Electricianz are Swiss watchmakers gone wild. While the company claims to operate in the “luxury landscape,” all nine of their timepieces clock in under four bills. If you fancy The Electricianz’ affordable battery über alles aesthetic, a word of caution . . .

The Electricianz Carbon Z

The Mokaz is not the watch you want to wear going through airport security. If any watch looks like a miniature explosive device, it’s the Mokaz. Or the Carbon Z (above). Or the Cable Z (below). Cut the red wire! No! The green! Blue? Are you crazy?

No matter how you slice it, The Electricianz’ timepieces boast a singular design in a world filled with dive watches and chronographs that look like every other dive watch and chronograph, only slightly different. Their watches are kinda like SWATCHs, only really different.

The Electriciaz Neon Z

The watchmaker’s other unique selling point [sic]: fluorescent paint. The treatment makes The Electricianz’ watches glow under UV light, what boomers call black light (e.g., The Neon Z above). gives us the 411 on what every dope smoking child of the 60’s knew, albeit experientially:

A black light gives off highly energetic ultraviolet light. You can’t see this part of the spectrum, which is how “black” lights got their name.

The Electricianz Neon Z in UV light

Fluorescent substances absorb the ultraviolet light and then re-emit it almost instantaneously. Some energy gets lost in the process, so the emitted light has a longer wavelength than the absorbed radiation, which makes this light visible and causes the material to appear to glow. Fluorescent molecules tend to have rigid structures and delocalized electrons.

Is there a band call The Delocalized Electrons? There should be. And you should have a black light lightbulb if you want to show off your Neon Z – or teeth brushed with whitening toothpaste or urine (on its own, not used for dental hygiene). I’m not sure how many clubs still use black lights – I hang out in cigar lounges where nicotine provides the illumination – but glow parties are still a thing.

The Cable Z

The Electricianz’ watches are plenty damn bright, even without a trick of the light. Electric-blue and thunder-yellow are their signature colors, as you might have guessed from The Cable Z above.

The Cable Z caseback

The Electricianz have spunk, joi de vivre and a sense of humor – characteristics in short supply at the ateliers of Patek, Audemars, Vacheron, etc.

Are there enough buyers who get a charge out of wearing a watch that calls so much attention to itself – especially at airport security? I hope so. How can you not love a company who only makes 45mm watches and proclaims “fierceness has no gender: our products are unisex, and fit perfectly both women and men”? (It was the red wire.)


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