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Aventi A11 money shot 2

Dear Hanu,

I’ve had the Aventi A11 for almost a month now. My deepest apologies for not posting a review sooner. I’ve got a new dog and the second ex and my youngest have moved to Canada. That’s no excuse for the delay, but it is an explanation. And then there’s the simple fact that the Aventi A11 is not my jam . . .

Aventi A11 Mandola's

The Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39 is my grail watch. Your Aventi A11 has about as much in common with that minimalist meisterwerk as a Lamborghini Aventador has with a Mercedes AMG GTc.

The Lambo is a brash monster, best driven with your hair on fire or parked in front of a strip club. The Merc is a classically proportioned gentleman’s express, best driven with judicious alacrity or parked in front of Jay Leno’s Newport mansion.

A11 side

You see my problem? I’m not that guy. The fast livin’, Lambo-lovin’, jumbo-watch-wearin’ Alpha. I’m an OFWG who listens to Steely Dan.

Strapping your 55.5mm X 48.5mm X 13mm thick sapphire timepiece to my wrist . . . Let’s just put it this way: I haven’t felt that self-conscious since my talent show stand-up comedy bombed in front of the entire high school.

Dog tourbillon 5

There was no need to worry, of course. My home boys are used to seeing me wear a different watch on a weekly basis – one of which they compared to a criminal’s ankle bracelet. This one they accepted as take-no-prisoners bling jewelry for ballers.

Right answer! As for the gen pop, take it from someone who occasionally open carries a firearm: people don’t see what they don’t expect to see. The Aventi A11 is nothing if not unexpected.

Aventi A11 on case

One thing onlookers didn’t expect from your watch: sapphire. I hate to say it, but more than a couple of people asked if it was made of plastic.

I told them you fashioned the A11’s case from synthetic sapphire – the third hardest substance after moissanite and diamonds. Clocking their raised eyebrows, I considered proving the point by using the A11 to scratch a mirror. But didn’t; I need all the luck I can get in these COVID days.

Aventi A11 rubber strap pants

I reckon the A11’s see-through rubber strap – vilified in a recent G-SHOCK review – triggered the anti-polymer prejudice. Let’s face it Hanu: the clear-cased Aventi cries out for a white leather strap.

I know: overly-tanned Floridian septuagenarians wearing white patent leather Gucci shoes aren’t your target market. But if it was and you went hell for leather, their zimmer frames BMWs would be lined-up around the block.

Closeup 5

You’re aiming the A11 at the high-horology-on-a-budget crowd, right? After all, I spy with my little eye . . . a tourbillon!

It’s both an amazing achievement for a $5k watch and another reason why I had so much trouble tackling this assignment.


My antipathy towards tourbillons is well known; I consider them only slightly more useful than a fire retardant paper hat. After wristing the A11 – my first time wearing a tourbillon in the real world – I can now say without hesitation, meh.

Your beautifully crafted spinny thing is nowhere near as mesmerizing as the Humism Rhizome’s dial. But sure, it makes a damn fine seconds hand. And while I don’t “do” horological bragging rights, well, there it is motha’ fukkas.

see thru front

Mssr. Breguet invented the tourbillon to compensate for the effect of gravity on a pocket watch movement, to increase its accuracy. You and I both know we’re well beyond that; horological stunting and flossing is now the tourbillon’s raison d’être.

Aventi claims the watch delivers +/- 15 seconds per day accuracy. We’re looking into that. Meanwhile, the A11’s 72-hour power reserve is more impressive and more important. Who can be bothered to wind their A11 after a long night of Cristal and cocaine?

see thru rear

I know how hard you and your team worked to make the A11 a practical reality. It’s an astounding technical feat, backed by first-class “concierge” service. And an excellent conversation piece – as long as the conversation doesn’t swing around to “What time is it?”

At most angles, the A11’s gold skeletonized hands are illegible. The asymmetrical bridges don’t do anything to help legibility, and a lot to make it worse. Ah but fortunately, I have the key, to enhance legibility.

Aventi A11 lume shot

If you hit the A11 with a Surefire P2ZX Fury CombatLight LED flashlight, two things happen. First, the light bounces off the sapphire and blinds you for fifteen minutes. Second, it fires-up the A11’s luminescent indices.

Then, by God, the A11 is a timetelling marvel. It all makes sense! All of it. The case, the hands, the bridges, the barrels, the tourbillon – I can practically hear the Coke chorus singing! Hanu, my friend, if you could put the world on a dimmer switch I’d be writing you a check now. (Moving to England doesn’t count.)

Rex and A11 asleep

Meanwhile, you and I have DM’ed this out before. We both love the free market, where manufacturers can create and sell exquisitely-made products that express their buyer’s personality with unabashed exuberance. I may not like them, but I like the fact that they exist.

You call your watch “a supercar on your wrist.” For me, that’s a bug, not a feature. For others – playas, stunters, Lambo owners – it’s the other way around. Especially for $5k. Who am I to disagree? A blogger who’s happy to lend you his car the next time you’re in town. Just don’t be as late returning my baby as I’ve been with yours.

Model: Aventi A11

RATINGS (out of five stars):

Design *
Totally not my jam. But it could be yours and that’s fine.

Legibility * *
Perfectly legible at the exact right angle or in the dark after being torched with a high-powered flashlight. Otherwise, not.

Comfort * * * * *
BIG but light and sits flat.

Overall  * * *
Three stars for the A11’s design audacity and construction quality. Zero stars for its appeal to your humble horological reviewer.


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No considerations were provided.


  1. Diamonds can be smashed with a hammer, so I think the party trick would be to use the case to scratch glass. Maybe a mirror.
    Pre-production models lacked the sapphire crown. Was that a joy to wind, and dial back the two gained minutes per day? My preference is for the jewel tone blue variant.
    I’m assume a sapphire bracelet is not feasible, Silicone is fantastic but lacks visual appeal. Perhaps this would work best without a band. Strung from the neck, as a broach, on a pocket chain.

    • Ah. Amending text now. I agree that the blue two tone makes more of the design. And yes, the crown winds nicely and you can watch the mainspring tighten.

  2. I just don’t need any more translucent watches that show my smooshed pale skin and arm hair. Watchmakers – please stop. Please. It’s gross.

  3. I like the idea of a translucent watch case if the case is resin, but for some reason the idea of a translucent sapphire case is offensive. Maybe because its indistinguishable from resin?

  4. Disappointing to see the movement off by 74 seconds per day when Hangzhou Watch Company claims that its 3450 tourbillon movement is accurate to 25 seconds per day.


    A Richard Mille is a Lamborghini. This is some kind of Chinese attempt at a supercar that nominally is made out of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and has a 180 HP V12.

    That this company is doing an entire sapphire case should bring shame to any watch company still not using sapphire for all of its crystals (e.g., lower priced Seiko and G-Shock models).

    • Our timing was off (I’ve amended your comment accordingly). So I’ve edited the accuracy text pending verification. The post will be updated when we receive the correct information. Our goal is always to tell the truth about watches. Rest assured we will not compromise our integrity for anyone.

      • It’s interesting that Aventi is claiming +/- 15 seconds per day for the PTS Resources supplied Hangzhou 3450 tourbillon that it apparently uses, while PTS Resources only claims +/- 25 seconds per day (both are obviously pretty bad).

        My critique of this watch is that $5,000 is way too much for a heavily Chinese sourced gimmick watch. Watches using Chinese tourbillons have been available for under $1,000 forever, and this adds the sapphire case.

        If Aventi made a watch with a sapphire case, but a regular three-hand skeletonized movement, and got the price down to something like $800, I can see that being compelling so that someone can say they have a sapphire case watch in their collection.

        But $5,000 is real money that can buy a real watch. And the buyers for which $5,000 is not a big deal are getting a Mille, not an Aventi.

        • Funny how many are critical here. There are no comparable watches out there for the price. The unique design is not for everybody but the company is upfront with their customers about the manufacture and components of their product. I have purchased 5 of their watches so far and get nothing but compliments on them all. The sapphire cases are gorgeous and the watches are comfortable to wear and keep very good time. 2.5 million for Jay Z’s blue sapphire RM is out of reach for most and quite honestly I like the Aventi design better. Before you bash this company go out and try to make a better watch for less. Let me know when you do.

        • You do understand practically every damn watch under the sun is made in china right? Swiss made is hype and even Swiss made does not mean the entire piece is made in Switzerland just the movement most if not all of the other parts are still made in china.

  5. Not even that. I paid them for 3 watches upfront in full and that was May last year , still no watches but funny atrofies about costumers etc. So will be interesting to see if and how many costumers did got watch

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