Richard Mille Robbery – Woman Shot!

Richard Mille Robbery - phone call
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Richard Mille Robbery! TMZ tells the tale: “Celebs might be extra vigilant the next time they go out to eat in Bev Hills. A woman was shot in the leg outside a super popular eatery in a brazen, daylight armed robbery. The shooting went down Thursday afternoon outside Il Pastaio restaurant. The shooter and 2 accomplices . . .

were after a $500,000 Richard Mille watch a man was wearing, and a woman was struck in the leg by gunfire.”

I love how TMZ says that celebs “might” be extra vigilant after the shooting. The website knows that Beverly Hills celebs live in a blissful bubble where a social snub is considered more of a clear and present danger than armed robbery.

Richard Mille Robbery - Il Pastaio

Of course, Thursday’s Richard Mille robbery raises more interesting questions than celebrities’ mental state while eating $30 pasta.

The bad guys got the watch. Which RM did they steal? How much is a stolen $500k Richard Mille worth? Pssst. Hey buddy! Want to buy an ugly watch real cheap? A hundred grand and it’s yours! You use Bitcoin, right?

Richard Mille robbery - RM 65-01 money shot

Split three ways, that’s $33,333.33 each minus expenses (no receipts required). What kind of three-man crew targets a Richard Mille?

Which of the co-conspirators was the brains of the outfit, telling his accomplices they should kick it up a notch from the all-too-common Rolex robbery game? A trend we also reported on here, with this video:

Over at Fox we learn that “Investigators said many of the recent robberies took place in broad daylight, with criminals targeting people wearing high-end jewelry, specifically Rolex watches . . . In most instances, the suspects wait for victims to walk to their vehicles and reach an isolated area before they attack them at gunpoint.”

I shouldn’t joke about such a horrific Richard Mille robbery. Getting shot can ruin your whole day, even if you can dine out on the story for months. To be fair (to me), the photo shows the victim calling her lawyer to launch a lawsuit against the restaurant, practicing holding up her hand to swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I suppose.

Richard Mille boutique LA

I hate to say it, but the shooting is a gift to the brand’s salesman: “Some people would kill for this watch.” More to the point, this is a cautionary tale about wearing a really expensive identifiable luxury watch in public. During the day. In public.

The thing is, people have been killed for their Rolex, and I’ve never heard of Breguet bandits. Then again, this could be the start of something upmarketly awful. And a good reason why you want box and papers when you buy a pre-owned luxury watch. Assuming you’re not the kind of guy who buys a hot watch.


  1. Can a wounded bystander be used in an ad as Ecclestone was for Hublot? Would “I got shot for his Richard Mille” work or just come off all wrong?

  2. No way this was random.

    Rolex is a recognizable brand / item, even by the most pedestrian criminals. Very few people even know of Richard Mille. Nobody has ever said, “Look at the Richard Mille that guy is wearing.”

    Wearing a Rolex at the wrong place at the wrong time could put you in harm’s way, should you cross a criminal randomly.

    This was a designated hit. The perps were tipped off by someone. They came for the watch… a Richard Mille… not his wallet or car or ring or necklace.

  3. “I’ve never heard of Breguet bandits.” The closest thing to a Breguet bandit is an AD that gets away with charging someone retail.

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