Rolex Thugs Strike Again – Decision Time!


“New video coming to light shows the brutal attack of an Asian woman as she’s held at gunpoint on the ground and robbed of her handbag, jewelry, including a $16,000 Rolex,” reports from San Francisco. Rolex thugs are out there, somewhere. It’s time for Rolex owners to ask themselves a simple, life-or death question: whatchu gonna do when they come for you? There are a few ways to address this danger . . .

Pretend Rolex thugs don’t exist

The simple “solution” to the possibility of getting mugged or killed for your Rolex: don’t think about it. What are the odds? This kind of thing doesn’t happen in my neighborhood. I don’t personally know anyone who’s been mugged where I hang out, never mind mugged for their Rolex.

Pretending something doesn’t exist doesn’t remove it from the world, but it does remove it from your world. Right until it doesn’t.

If that’s your no-deal deal, good luck. Seriously. Depending on luck for your survival is a valid strategy. A flock of ducks flying over a hunter don’t all get shot. Just know this: duck hunters go where the ducks are. If you were hunting Rolex, where would you look? And while you’re thinking about that, hit and check out your regular haunts.

Be Paranoid

In the previous post Watch Theft Prevention – Three Rules, I recommended using an alarm system, avoid wearing your Rolex in places where muggers might mug and maintain operational security (don’t trust strangers, beautiful or otherwise). That’s all well and good, but as the video at the top of this post proves, Rolex thugs strike fast, deploying a combination of speed, surprise and violence of action.

Unless you’re highly trained in self-defense – and maybe even if you are – you won’t see the attack coming. That gives Rolex thugs what the biz world calls FMA or  “first mover advantage” There’s only way to deny them this: see them coming.

That requires maintaining what security experts calls “situational awareness.” What the rest of us call paranoia. When you’re wearing your Rolex or similar scan for threats, especially when leaving and before entering a building or vehicle.

Have a plan

And there they are: Rolex thugs steaming towards you. Now what?

Judging from the videos, removing and surrendering your watch doesn’t seem to be an option. Running is an option – if you’re young and alone enough (drawing criminals away from your significant other and/or kids is not the best of all possible plans). Which leaves us with . . .

Some form of self-defense. Which is really a way of saying some way to attack first (see: FMA above). Martial arts moves are good – if you have the time and desire to master them. A TASER Pulse is a bit unwieldy for casual carry but an excellent alternative for those who don’t want to/can’t go hands on. And a firearm – well, availability depends on where you live.

[Would you shoot Rolex thugs trying to take your watch? I reckon no personal possession is worth your life. But given the way Rolex thugs attack, they present an imminent, credible threat of death or grievous bodily harm. A recipe which allows you to respond with lethal force.]

Worth it?

Rolex crown

The last way to think about this: wearing a Rolex isn’t worth the danger. There are plenty of wonderful watches that aren’t Rolex. That won’t attract Rolex thugs.

If not that remember: the more often you wear your Rolex the higher the likelihood of being mugged. In broad daylight, no less.

Your call. Best make it now, though.


  1. This seems endemic to affluent urban areas, so I’d think going Oliver Wendell Douglas and going a little more rural would be the safe bet. Of course the type of person that wears a Rollie ostentatiously would probably rather risk concussion or dismemberment than dwell in Des Moines.

  2. Don’t live in places with high income disparities, and generally criminally inclined populations. Like … Asia. 😬

    Or yea don’t wear Rolex. In cases like this one, you’ll just be mugged for all your other stuff like this person was. Because this post doesn’t seem at all like more clickbait, Rolex fear mongering, than just general life involving the risk of being mugged for stuff.

  3. Seems like with a constrained market supply, nows the time to sell that Rolex. But a car or a few other watches, or a car and a Timex Waterbury.

  4. At least there’s not a waiting list for a Smith & Wesson. Oh, wait… yeah, there is! Good luck trying to find one or ammo to feed it right now.

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