Thomas Baillod: BA111OD Doesn’t Do Multi-Level Marketing


BA111OD founder Thomas Baillod takes exception to our post Can You Resist BA111OD’s Multi-Level Marketing Madness? Here’s his comment, in full, without editing.

As the founder of the BA111OD brand, I’m happy to comment on this bad review. It’s typically the kind of review written by someone who doesn’t understand our business model at all. It’s so sad! Since you have a voice on this website, the least you could do is to be properly informed before posting. Our brand and business model is praised by many key media here in Switzerland. Not to mention the positive reviews you can read in the NYT and Forbes.

Multi Level Marketing is indeed illegal and my business model has nothing to do with it. It is indeed a One Level Marketing that only aims to reward the Afluendor (Ambassador, inFLUENcer, venDOR) who can promote our brand, only if he/she feels like it. There is no obligation whatsoever. Customers can place their orders directly on our website, just like any other e-commerce brand. But they can also enjoy the privilege if they feel like promoting our brand.

The points (tokens) you receive are just a way of thanking our customers for talking about our brand. It’s not a job, there’s no money to be won and it’s limited (not Tupperware style either). All brands pay millions of dollars to influencers and ambassadors who are actually paid to speak well about a brand. We prefer to reward our own customers when they talk about and promote our brand. The main difference with MLM is that our customers receive nothing in return when one of their customers sells a watch to a new customer. So it is not a pyramid scheme at all.

Why do we do it this way? In traditional distribution, about 65% of the price of the watches people buy is absorbed by distribution and marketing. We give that margin back to our end customers because they do the distribution and marketing for us. E-commerce brands also cut distribution, but most of the time they put the extra margin in their pocket. We don’t! We give it back to the consumer. That’s why the BA111OD is by far the best value for money watch on the market.

So sad that you did not even take the time to properly research our brand or contact us to clear up your doubts. This speaks for the quality and seriousness of your work… tell the truth…

Thomas Baillod

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