Casio G-Shock GA900 Review

Casio GA-900 on wrist

The Casio GA900 – reviewed here as the GA900E-1A3 – elicits multiple conflicting reactions. Hey, that looks cool! Wait, I’m not sure I like it. Hold on a sec, I think I DO. Naaa. Now that I looked at it I don’t like it. No matter how you look at it, the Casio GA-900 is fatally flawed . . .

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Essential G-SHOCK – The Casio Power-Trio

My name is Racer88 and I’m a G-SHOCK junkie. Until recently, I had two watches: a Breitling Colt Ocean Automatic and a Rolex Yachtmaster. The Breitling quit working years ago. The Rolex was my everyday watch. And then it stopped working. Again. I stuck the Rolex in the safe next to the Breitling and wore . . .

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