GPHG: Chronometry Finalists

GHPG Chronometry finalists

So many watches, so many wonderful posts! We’ve had an in-depth look at three of the Ladies‘, Ladies’ Complication, Men’ and Mens’ Complication categories in the watch industry Oscars: the Grand Prix Horologie De Genève. Today’s post offers pics and edited copy from three of the GPHG Chronometry Finalists . . .

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GPHG Finalists: Iconic Watches

Final six for GPHG's Iconic award

The GPHG — The Fondation du Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève — run the watch industry Oscars. We’ve had a look at three of their six finalists in the Ladies‘, Ladies’ Complication, Mens‘ and Men’s Complication categories. Time to turn our attention to Iconic. Watches that transcend time, if you will. It’s tough call, obvs. But here’s my GPHG three watch shortlist (including a wild card) with official pics and edited copy . . .

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GPHG Finalists: Men’s Complication

We’ve taken a closer look at three of the Ladies‘, Ladies’ Complication and Men’s finalists. Today, it’s high horology uber alles in the Mens’ Complication category (back from the dead in 2018). As you can see, there are some wildly different approaches on offer. Choosing three from the six to highlight (with edited official text and photos) depends as much on style as engineering. Well, for me. For me the one to watch is . . .

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GPHG Finalists: Mens’ Watch

We’ve had a look at the finalists for the Grand Prix Horologie De Genève Ladies‘ and Ladies’ Complication categories. This is where things get serious. Not because I’m a sexist pig. A win here equals both bragging rights and big bucks. Picking three from the six nominees to highlight here (with official pics and edited copy) is no easy task. I’m going to start with the wild card . . .

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GPHG Finalists: Ladies’ Complication

Women are complicated. So are their watches. Well the complicated ones. Day two of our round-up of the finalists for the Grand Prix Horologie De Genève finds us highlighting three of the six finalists in the Ladies’ Complication category. (Descriptions edited. Click on image for complete text.) Winners all. But only one will emerge victorious. Will it be . . .

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