G-SHOCK Anniversary Models: Review

G-SHOCK Aniiversary Models: DW-5735D-1BJR and DW5735E-7

Welcome back to Room For Squares. I’m your host, Jack Baruth. Last week we discussed the $1600 limited-edition titanium square. It has a laundry list of desirable qualities, but the beauty of G-SHOCK is that there’s usually more than one way to get the features you want. How about one of the G-SHOCK Anniversary Models? Or something very similar . . .

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G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TCM-1JR: Review

G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TCM-1JR and friend

Welcome back to Room For Squares. I’m your host, Jack Baruth. Today we’re going to discuss a watch – the G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TCM-1JR – that’s proven more than a little controversial in the profoundly uncool world of G-SHOCK collectors . . .

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Timex x Pac-Man T80: Room For Squares

Timex x Pac-Man T80

Welcome back to Room For Squares. Today we’re leaving the placid waters of Casio G-SHOCK ownership to consider two questions. Why would Timex make a flimsy digital watch with a Pac-Man overlay in 2019? Why can’t I get a Timex x Pac-Man T80 at any price?

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Expensive G-SHOCKs?

Camo G-SHOCK in the wild

Hello there and welcome to the second installment of Room For Squares. In this column, I’ll be screeching in Asperger-esque fashion regarding the merits and demerits of various expensive G-SHOCKs, with particular attention being paid to those timepieces which claim direct descent from the 1983 “square” DW5000-C.

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Why Buy A G-SHOCK?

First-ever G-SHOCK

Welcome to Room For Squares, home to the G-SHOCK faithful. I’m your guide, Jack Baruth. Please turn your hymnals to page DW5000-C so that we can pray to Saint Kikuo Ibe, inventor of the “Triple 10” concept, the man who brought us The Original Square. But first, for those of you who are new to The Church of The Square, rest assured that ours is not a violent or exclusionary faith . . .

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