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Apple Watch Production Offline. Still . . .

 As we suspected, Apple Watch production in Zhengzhou, China’s “Apple City” did not resume on February 9. “Apple assembly partner Foxconn has been told by Chinese authorities it cannot open its production facilities,” appleinsider.com reports, “due to the ‘high risks’ … Continue reading

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Always-On Apple Watch 5: The Hidden Truth

The Apple Watch 5 offers some new cosmetic options (titanium and ceramic case, Hermès edition), a compass, a menstrual cycle tracker and a REALLY LOUD NOISE detector (Note: detects really loud noises quietly.). The Apple-loving press had to have something to … Continue reading

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Apple Watch Series 5: Burrito Sleep App is Coming

“The Apple Watch might include sleep tracking sooner than you think,” engadget.com reports. 9to5mac.com takes the “might” out of that report and spills the tea on the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch sleep app . . .

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The Smart Watch’s Secret Weapon in The War Against Traditional Wrist Wear

Smart watches are a huge technological leap over quartz and mechanical watches. In many ways, smart watches render traditional timepieces obsolete. But not in one important way. Not yet. But soon. It’s only a question of time. Here’s the challenge … Continue reading

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