Swatch Versus Apple Watch

Swatch versus Apple beach

Swatch versus Apple Watch. The battle lines are drawn. On one side, the plastic fantastic watch that saved the Swiss watch industry from the clutches of the quartz crisis. On the other, the watch that made analogue watches obsolete. The conflict between the two types of watches reveals the future of wrist-borne horology. Let the battle begin . . .

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Watch News 7/11/2020

Rolex to Drop New Models September 1

Watch news - death to the Air King?

Coronageddon threw a spanner in the works for Rolex’s annual new model release. When COVID-19 shut down the world economy, the company [quietly] let it be known their new product launch team was skipping the annus horribilis entirely. Watch news! . . .

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New Watch Alert 7/10/2020

Richard Mille RM11-05 LE – $215k


New watch alert! Regular readers know I’m no fan of Richard Mille’s illegible, sandwich-thick watches. But there’s no faulting RM’s technical excellence. Same goes for the majority of all new watches, of which we have eleven more to share. But first, more on the RM 11-05 . . .

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Analogue Time Dooms Traditional Watches

Apple watch first timer. What does she know abut analogue time? (courtesy

The buzz surrounding Apple’s watchOS7 software is insane, what with its sleep tracking, new watch faces, automatic handwashing timer and more. It’s no wonder the traditional watch industry doesn’t see smartwatches as competition. They can’t compete. The traditional watch is it’s own thing, they say. A different thing. Yes, well, it’s an analogue time thing. And that’s a problem…

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