Justin Beiber’s Rolex Analyzed

Justin Beiber's Rolex

Justin Drew Beiber has come a long way since placing second at singing competition in Stratford, Ontario. Watch-wise, JB started with Casio. As you’d expect for a performer who co-brands with artists who consider too much bling not enough, he’s acquired a selection of diamond encrusted timepieces. Let’s look at Justin Beiber’s Rolex and its friends . . .

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AP Code 11.59 – Dead Model Walking

Code 11.59 Flying Tourbillon

“After a rather controversial initial impression and some noise in the collecting community, Code 11.59 by Audemars Piguet is now finding its way in both AP’s collections and in the heart of collectors,” monochrome.com asserts, without a shred of evidence. The website introduces the latest addition to the Code 11.59 family: the Flying Tourbillon Chronograph. A timepiece that’s “here to show you the brand’s skills.” Fair enough but . . .

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Watch Design – What Does it Take?

Gerald Genta watch design sketch for Royal OakDesign is an all-encompassing field. It influences and determines what we see and what we make. Some underlying characteristics are similar through all applications. One in particular: good design “happens.” It’s not influenced by time. Good design is a Eureka moment applied to a shape. It can and can’t be rushed. Here’s a famous tale of watch design that illustrates the point . . .

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Billionaire Ashoka – Jacob & Co.’s $7m Watch

Jacob & Co. Billionaire Ashoka

Jacob & Co.’s $7m Billionaire Ashoka Watch isn’t the jeweler’s first “death by diamonds” timepiece. Nor is it their most expensive. That honor belongs to the $18m Billionaire’s watch. Purchased by boxer Floyd Mayweather in June 2018, that diamond-happy horological happenstance held 239 sparklers. The Ashoka redo makes do with a mere 62 diamonds. Yes but . . .

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Vacheron Grail Watch Revealed

Vacheron ad

Rolex has its Daytona. Audemars Piguet its Royal Oak. Patek Philippe its Nautilus and Aquanaut. Steel watches that might as well be made of unobtanium. Timepieces that command a huge price premium the moment they walk out the showroom door. Grail watches. So where’s the Vacheron grail watch? Which of their models qualifies? None. Until now . . .

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