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Longines Heritage Military 1938

The image above is not a Longines Heritage Military 1938. It’s the original watch. You can see why someone would want one – the dial is as clean, uncluttered and elegant as an Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39. You can also … Continue reading

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Stowa Onehand 44: Minimalist Watch of the Day

You gotta hand it to Stowa. The German watchmaker famous for fliegers – the most conservative of watch genres – is kicking out the jams with the Stowa Onehand 44. It’s about as faithful to their 1927 pilot’s watch design as … Continue reading

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Oris Art Blakey Limited Edition

There are a lot of ways to tell time. For accuracy, nothing beats an iPhone. If you don’t care about accuracy, there are plenty of stylish one, two and three-handed watches without indices that’ll give you the temporal gist. But … Continue reading

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Grand Seiko Godzilla Watch. Has Seiko Lost Its Mind?

According to Forbes, the Grand Seiko Godzilla watch has “a number of elements in honor of the legendary creature. The prominent rays on the dial emanating from the center and shooting outward symbolize the heat ray beam that shoots from … Continue reading

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Hodinkee Pimps The Frederique Constant Yacht Timer

I recently ripped the Frederique Constant Yacht Timer Regatta Countdown a new you-know-what. It’s ugly and expensive, based on a patently ridiculous complication that doesn’t even do what its cheaper, more reliable quartz predecessor did (provide variable countdown intervals). Hodinkee’s … Continue reading

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A Perfectly Useless Afternoon Quartz Watch

The nice thing about quartz watches is that they’re inexpensive. Inexpensive to make — thanks to off-the-shelf movements — and inexpensive to buy. As Swatch will attest, there are plenty of cash-strapped collectors on the lookout for distinctive designs to … Continue reading

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Tudor Black Bay Chrono Dark: What’s Wrong With This Picture?

As my review of a minimalist Black Bay blue Tudor indicates, I’m a fan of the brand. Now that Tudor has its own caliber — an awesome movement built with BFF Breitling — Rolex’s sub-brand is on a roll. The … Continue reading

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