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How A Google Fitbit Can Beat the Apple Watch

The other day, Google paid $2.1b for Fitbit. The prospect of a Google Fibit got lots of press, most of it dismissive. For good reason. Google’s Wear OS software – powering a range of non-Apple smart watches – is a … Continue reading

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Affordable Rolex Submariner Alternatives

$150 Seiko 5 Watches Are an Affordable Alternative to Rolex, manyofmany.com pronounces, pimping the new Seiko 5 in hopes of a commission. Yes, well, as good as the wee beastie may be, it’s an affordable alternative to the virtually identical … Continue reading

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Garmin Captain Marvel and First Avenger Legacy Hero Series Smart Watches Don’t Suck

Marvel x Garmin GPS watches for adults are somehow not terrible, the headline over at theverge.com pronounces with child-like wonder. “A partnership that could have gone terribly wrong” didn’t! And that’s because . . .

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