Gucci GG Grip Rubber Strap Watch


The GG Grip Rubber Strap Watch comes hot on the heels of the Gucci Grip, a watch so ugly if it was a dog I’d shave its ass and make it walk backwards. To try and save that aesthetic affront, Gucci slapped Mickey Mouse on its weight scale-shaped dial. Nope. Now Gucci’s going a different way, deep into “oh no you didn’t” chronograph territory . . .

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New Watch Alert: 1/17/2020

New watch alert - Citizen Perpetual Calendar Atomic Keeping 

Welcome to the mid-January New Watch Update. Once again, we present a carefully curated assortment of new-to-the-market timepieces, chosen for their ability to inspire snarky comments and pithy pronouncements. As Jackie Gleason would say and awaaaay we go! Starting with the horological content vomit above . . .

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Will Gucci’s Customers Get A Gucci Grip?

Gucci’s launching a watch sub-brand called Gucci Grip. OK, it’s not really a sub-brand. All four Grip launch models sport the Gucci logo on every available surface. Still, don’t expect faithful Gucci customers to gripe about the Grip; the new watches coordinate with their clothes, as breathlessly reports  . . .

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