Hodinkee Clock Really Sucks

Hodinkee Travel Clock and AP clock

The interwebz are ablaze with outrage and indignation over HoDinkee’s $5900 Eight-Day Travel Clock. As we pointed out here and here, the online retailer masquerading as a journalistic enterprise jumped the shark with a HoDinkee-branded product that seems cobbled together, at best. Our man Jose Pereztroika has taken a deep dive into the HoDinkee clock and it’s not pretty. Literally . . .

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HoDinkee Responds to Clock Criticism

HODINKEE travel clock criticism ensues

HoDinkee better hope there’s no such thing as bad publicity. The website’s $5900 shark-jumping Eight-Day Travel Clock has ignited a firestorm of clock criticism. So much so that HoDinkee cut off comments underneath their Instagram posts (the same response to critics of their review of Panerai’s Nazi repros). COO Eneuri Acosta has penned a “Quick Note” to quell the insurrection. Like this:

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