HoDinkee’s Clymer: My Plan to Save the Watch Industry!

Benjamin Clymer (courtesy youtube.com)

One week into shelter-in-place restrictions and HoDinkee’s founder Benjamin Clymer has a plan! “I would encourage you, if you are looking to buy a watch, to buy it new and authorized,” his open letter pleads, “as those sales help retailers, distributors, and manufacturers stay afloat.” Save the watch industry! Buy from HoDinkee at full retail! Not kidding . . .

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HoDinkee’s Coronavirus Report

HoDinkee's Coronavirus coverage doesn't include Macau shutdown

The Truth About Watches has been reporting on the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on the watch industry since it first reared its ugly head in December. HoDinkee’s¬†been predictably silent on the subject – given their closerthanthis relationship with the main playas. Post Baselworld cancellation, HoDinkee can’t ignore the story. They’re ridiculously late to the party, but they brought some interesting info . . .

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Geneva Watch Days 2020 – Cynical, Stupid, Deadly and Doomed

Geneva Watch Days 2020

Coronageddon claimed Watches and Wonders and Baselworld. Both held off on deep-sixing their events as long as they could. Shortly after they pulled the plug – and not-so-coincidentally – the Swiss government banned all large-scale public gatherings. So that’s that. And then a conglomerate of Swiss watchmakers decided to create a new event with limited-size groups: Geneva Watch Days. Here’s part of their press release . . .

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Joe Biden OMEGA Seamaster Diver Analyzed

Joe_Biden (courtesy mondreo.com)

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has a new lease on life today, as the “anyone but Sanders” movement gathers steam within the Democratic Party. This despite the former Veep’s questionable mental acuity. His choice of watch, however, reveals that Biden is a genuine playa. Here’s what Uncle Joe’s wearing and what is says about the man . . .

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Senator Sanders’ Citizen Watch Analyzed

Bernie Sanders' watch (image courtesy mondreo.com)

Senator Sanders’ fate as a presidential candidate will be decided tomorrow, on Super Tuesday. Or will it? While that drama plays out, let’s have a look at his horological habit and what it says about the man . . .

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