Mr Jones Watches The Accurate XL

Mr Jones in perfect conditions

Remember you will die, The Accurate XL proclaims. Hang on. Why wear a watch that highlights your mortality when you can just look in the bathroom mirror? It’s a Memento Mori: an object that reminds you that life is finite. So you will carpe diem, be mindful AF and read Zen koans by candlelight. Question: is MJW’s The Accurate XL a good Memento Mori?

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Best Watch for A Suit?

James Bond Wearing an OMEGA dive watch

The best watch for a suit is . . . any watch you like. Who cares what watch snobs think? If James Bond can glower at someone questioning his horological taste, so can you. (Note: U.S. License to Kill valid only in Texas.) The idea that there’s a “best” watch for a suit is as silly as . . .

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Everyone Needs One Weird Watch

Nubeo Satellite Automatic Pioneer Black (courtesy Satellite Automatic Pioneer Black – $1500

This is, indeed, one weird watch. Here’s how it works: “Two wandering hour marker ‘satellites’ rotate in orbit across the dial face. A complex jigsaw of gears, wheel and precision-engineered parts culminates in the journey of each satellite. As they do, the correct hour aligns with the semi-circular minute calibrations. Where the satellite and minute hand meet, the present time comes together.” Got it? Me neither. Moving on . . .

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A Perfectly Useless Afternoon Quartz Watch

The nice thing about quartz watches is that they’re inexpensive. Inexpensive to make — thanks to off-the-shelf movements — and inexpensive to buy. As Swatch will attest, there are plenty of cash-strapped collectors on the lookout for distinctive designs to add to their horological rotation. The A Perfectly Useless Afternoon quartz watch is a perfect example . . .

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