Expensive Watch – Worth It?

A. Lange & Söhne Lange Lange 1 Time Zone - expensive watch

Something is worth exactly what someone will pay for it. If someone is willing to pay a million dollars for a Timex Marlin, that’s what it’s worth. If someone’s willing to pay $10 for a Richard Mille (my bid) and no one will pay a dime more (which they shouldn’t), it’s worth $10. Of course none of that addresses the key question: is an expensive watch worth it? . . .

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Watch Design – What Does it Take?

Gerald Genta watch design sketch for Royal OakDesign is an all-encompassing field. It influences and determines what we see and what we make. Some underlying characteristics are similar through all applications. One in particular: good design “happens.” It’s not influenced by time. Good design is a Eureka moment applied to a shape. It can and can’t be rushed. Here’s a famous tale of watch design that illustrates the point . . .

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Grail Watch – 3 Reasons Not to Buy One

Ladies Nautilus on wrist 7

Start with this: only the pure of heart will ever wear a Grail watch. Which is why you don’t see Indiana Jones wearing one in The Last Crusade. So really, you don’t deserve a Grail watch. That said . . .

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Vacheron Grail Watch Revealed

Vacheron ad

Rolex has its Daytona. Audemars Piguet its Royal Oak. Patek Philippe its Nautilus and Aquanaut. Steel watches that might as well be made of unobtanium. Timepieces that command a huge price premium the moment they walk out the showroom door. Grail watches. So where’s the Vacheron grail watch? Which of their models qualifies? None. Until now . . .

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Patek Philippe Dealers WILL Get New Product

Patek Philippe old HQ

Earlier this year, Patek Philippe announced it wouldn’t be introducing any “novelties” for 2020. No surprise there. Why stimulate demand and spend precious marketing money in a Coronageddon sales void? Watchpro.com reports that the Swiss watchmaker is reversing course. Patek Philippe dealers will get new-for-2020 product. What’s that all about? . . .

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