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New Watch Alert 1/24/20

Curating the weekly New Watch Alert is a Sisyphean task. No, I don’t have a social disease. It refers to Zeus’ punishment to King Sisyphus (not shown) for his lack of hospitality. For killing his guests. Zeus sentenced the King … Continue reading

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Rolex Oyster Perpetual 39: Review

Sometimes it’s hard to be a Rolex. Especially an Oyster Perpetual 39. Oh sure, demand exceeds supply. But the delivery delay’s nothing compared to the waiting list for the OP 39’s blingier brethren. Holy Grail models like the stainless steel Daytona might … Continue reading

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Fake Patek Philippe: Three Ways to Spot One

I used to work for a guy who did estate sales. You know: buying and selling dead people’s stuff. One day, a widow tendered a rose gold Patek Philippe Calatrava. “Is it worth anything?” she asked. My boss took one … Continue reading

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The Three Worst Mistakes Watch Buyers Make

One of the worst mistakes watch buyers make: they buy the wrong watch. Ah, but what’s the “right” watch and what’s the “wrong” watch? Let’s make this easy. The wrong watch is a watch that you end up wishing you … Continue reading

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Which Watch for A Sex Club, Drug Deal or Police Interview?

When it comes to questions of style, the horological media are a pretty tame bunch. Watch reviewers focus on two questions: does the timepiece fit under the sleeve of a dress shirt and can it be worn casually and at … Continue reading

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Patek Philippe Nautilus: History

Introduced in 1976, the Nautilus was Patek Philippe’s response to arch-rival Audemars Pigeut’s hugely successful Royal Oak. The Oak was the first luxury steel sports watch. It’s 3mm bigger than the Nautilus and more expensive by around $15k. The connection … Continue reading

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Patek Philippe Carpet Bombs Instagram with Calatrava Weekly Calendar

On Sunday, @patekphilippe’a Instagram account blew up with posts on their $30k Calatrava Weekly Calendar. I’m thinking that’s because A) Calatrava Weekly Calendar sales are weak or B) their social media maven woke up from a coma. Bottom line: Patek … Continue reading

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