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Double Wristing – Why?

“What fashion flourish is shared by Justin Bieber, Fidel Castro, Princess Diana and Drake?” Alex Williams asks at nytimes.com. “If you guessed ‘double-wristing,’ the totally gratuitous but weirdly enduring practice of wearing two wristwatches at once, you’re possibly guilty of the extraneous practice … Continue reading

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New Watch Alert 12/19/19

New watch? Always! To keep up with the fast pace of traditional horology, I’m introducing a weekly round up. No further explanation needed, right? So let’s get stuck in, starting with the new Tissot Couturier (image courtesy affordablewristtime.com) . . … Continue reading

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Rafael Nadal’s $725k Richard Mille Watch

“It was a difficult match between Daniil Medvedev and Rafael Nadal,” forbes.com reports, “who gave watch lovers a real thrill – every time he wiped the perspiration from his forehead – deftly showing off his $725,000 Richard Mille watch.” Define … Continue reading

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The Making of Rafael Nadal’s $775k Richard Mille RM 27 – 02 Watch

I’m not a fan of Richard Mille’s designs. The fact that his over-the-top timepieces command mini-mansion money leaves me in slack-jawed wonder. The fact that celebrities have taken to Mille’s diamond-dripping watches like a WWF wrestler to cocaine is less … Continue reading

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Richard Mille RM069 Erotic Tourbillon: The Most Offensive Watch Ever Made?

I’m OK with iced-out watches. You’d never catch me wearing a diamond-encrusted Richard Mille RM069 Erotic Tourbillon, but chef don’t judge. If someone wants to spend $750k to billboard their sexual proclivities, that’s none of my business — assuming the … Continue reading

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Which Watch for A Sex Club, Drug Deal or Police Interview?

When it comes to questions of style, the horological media are a pretty tame bunch. Watch reviewers focus on two questions: does the timepiece fit under the sleeve of a dress shirt and can it be worn casually and at … Continue reading

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