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Carrera 160 Years vs. Jack Heuer Carrera 81

If you want to spot interesting watches in the wild, a cigar bar is a happy hunting ground. That’s doubly true if the OFWGs (Old Fat White Guys) and GOCs (Gentlemen of Color) know you’re a watch blogger. I’ve reported … Continue reading

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Press Release: Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Stainless Steel

THE 321 POWERS ON! LEGENDARY CALIBRE IS THE DRIVING FORCE BEHIND ANOTHER MOONWATCH – THIS TIME IN STEEL Introducing the Speedmaster Moonwatch 321 Stainless Steel (311. In early 2019, OMEGA announced the long-awaited return of its iconic Calibre 321. Soon after, … Continue reading

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OMEGA Speedmaster Steel Caliber 321

“Most famously, [the Caliber 321] was used in a variety of space-bound models including those that went to the moon,” OMEGA’s website trumpets. “After extensive research and reconstruction in a dedicated workshop, the Calibre 321 has now been reborn in-line … Continue reading

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Seiko Silverwave Cockpit

In 1992, Bell & Ross launched its first watch: an airplane cockpit-inspired timepiece. Eleven years earlier, Seiko unveiled the Cockpit 2628-0040, born within their Silverwave collection (a Seikomatic and Sportsmatic sub-brand). The similarities are striking, yes? Let’s take a closer … Continue reading

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Gerald Genta Royal Oak and Nautilus

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak and Patek Phillipe Nautilus. How did that happen? Start with this: we tend to define people like we put our clothes in drawers. We put the socks in one, the undies in another, the shirts in … Continue reading

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Ford vs. Ferrari Watches

  I recently caught the movie Ford vs. Ferrari. SPOILER ALERT! Ford wins. So what about Ford vs. Ferrari watches? Both car companies offer logo-enhanced timepieces for their fans. Who’s got the better handle on horology? Let’s start with a … Continue reading

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Quartz TAG Heuer Monaco?

A watch movement’s that’s cheaper, more accurate and more reliable than any mechanical watch movement? Vive la quartz revolution! Actually, that ship has sailed, as smartwatches do to quartz watches what quartz watches did to mechanical watches: make them obsolete. … Continue reading

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