Watchmaker – Who Is the World’s Best?

Rexhep Rexhepi old watch

Who is the world’s best watchmaker? If we’re using the present tense, we’re looking for the best living watchmaker. Someone important in the grand scheme of things (within horology). But how would he or she compare to the great masters who invented everything? And what does “best”mean? Technically? Artistically? Or just the most influential? Here’s my take on all that . . .

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Watch Design – What Does it Take?

Gerald Genta watch design sketch for Royal OakDesign is an all-encompassing field. It influences and determines what we see and what we make. Some underlying characteristics are similar through all applications. One in particular: good design “happens.” It’s not influenced by time. Good design is a Eureka moment applied to a shape. It can and can’t be rushed. Here’s a famous tale of watch design that illustrates the point . . .

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Patek Philippe Rules – Here’s Why

Patek Philippe Caltrava small seconds

Swiss horology has a Holy Trinity: Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin and Audemars Piguet. They’re also known as the New King, the Old King and the Young Prince. While this doesn’t provide a complete picture of modern haute horlogerie, it’s true: Patek Philippe rules . . .

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Where is Hitler’s Watch?

Hitler's watch is nowhere to be seen

People of power and renown often are associated with a particular watch. Vice President Gerald Ford and the Pulsar. Fidel Castro and Rolex. As far as chroniclers are aware, German Führer Adolf Hitler wasn’t a watch lover and never wore a notable timepiece. That said, we know something about Hitler’s watch . . .

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New Watch Alert: 7/3/2020

new watch alert! Tudor Black Bay 58 in blue

New watch alert! The new blue dial Tudor Black Bay 58 is a sensation! It’s got more Instagram likes than Rachel Cooke. Not really, but it is a watch. We’ve got the lowdown on eleven more new timepieces clamoring for your attention. Let’s not keep them waiting . . .

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