New Watch Alert: 3/27/2020

Gruen Watch Military Ad: over Tokyo 1942

Posting a Gruen ad based on bombing Tokyo probably won’t endear me to Grand Seiko’s PR department. Never mind. I do so to point out that this country has faced greater threats than Coronageddon (Dust Bowl ad next week). Survivors will emerge smarter and, in many ways, better. Meanwhile, the New Watch Alert remains spoiled for choice. But choose I did . . .

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Raketa Soviet Polar Watch LE

Raketa Polar watch

Anyone remember The Cold War? The world was divided into two teams: the United States and the Soviet Union. It was “cold” because the two superpowers didn’t nuke each other, but the Arctic regions certainly came into play. Like the Rock Hudson hit movie Ice Station Zebra, the Raketa Soviet Polar Watch evokes really cold Cold War nostalgia. From the watchmaker’s website . . .

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Joe Biden OMEGA Seamaster Diver Analyzed

Joe_Biden (courtesy

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has a new lease on life today, as the “anyone but Sanders” movement gathers steam within the Democratic Party. This despite the former Veep’s questionable mental acuity. His choice of watch, however, reveals that Biden is a genuine playa. Here’s what Uncle Joe’s wearing and what is says about the man . . .

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Rolex, Panerai and The Nazis

Non Rolex brand Panerai 3646 Type D, made for Nazi swimmers

While researching the lack of Panerai modders (as opposed to Rolex modders), I stumbled across an article by the improbably named Jose Pereztroika at Modified Panerai 3646 with Solid Lugs opened my eyes to an important chapter in the history of Panerai and Rolex. It starts with a confrontation between Italian watchmaker Giuseppe Panerai and Nazi Lieutenant Commander Heinz Schomburg . . .

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