Grail Watch – 3 Reasons Not to Buy One

Ladies Nautilus on wrist 7

Start with this: only the pure of heart will ever wear a Grail watch. Which is why you don’t see Indiana Jones wearing one in The Last Crusade. So really, you don’t deserve a Grail watch. That said . . .

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Trump’s Rolex Day-Date Analyzed

Donald Trump Rolex Day-Date

Donald Trump’s Rolex Day-Date is his go-to timepiece. It’s a big step up from Bernie Sanders’ “whatever” Citizen and a big middle finger to Joe Biden’s OMEGA Seamaster. A couple of thoughts about Trump’s presidential Rolex President . . .

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Watch News 7/11/2020

Rolex to Drop New Models September 1

Watch news - death to the Air King?

Coronageddon threw a spanner in the works for Rolex’s annual new model release. When COVID-19 shut down the world economy, the company [quietly] let it be known their new product launch team was skipping the annus horribilis entirely. Watch news! . . .

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Do Luxury Watches Make You Smarter?

Vacheron boutique New York selling luxury watches

“Why do people pay the enormous price premiums for luxury brands?” consultant Daniel Langer asks at “Most people perceive luxury as mainly bought to signal power. But what if this answer is too simple? What if there are other hidden reasons?” Like an appreciation for luxury watches’ design, construction and heritage? Mr. Langer has other ideas . . .

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Watch News 6/14/2020 – Rapper Robs for a Rolex

“Maurice Fayne has been arrested and charged with federal bank fraud after misusing funds from a Paycheck Protection Program loan,” reports. That would be one Arkansas Mo, “star” of VH1’s 151-episode “reality” show Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Here’s how Mr. Mo flamed out . . .

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