Trump’s Rolex Day-Date Analyzed


Donald Trump Rolex Day-Date

Donald Trump’s Rolex Day-Date is his go-to timepiece. It’s a big step up from Bernie Sanders’ “whatever” Citizen and a big middle finger to Joe Biden’s OMEGA Seamaster. A couple of thoughts about Trump’s presidential Rolex President . . .

Trump’s Rolex Day-Date is “The Ultimate Watch of Prestige”

Gold Rolex Day-Date

That’s Rolex’s tagline for the Day-Date. It’s certainly true amongst drug dealers, pimps and car dealers. And people who will never be able to afford a Rolex.

Rolex trumpets this shameless tagline shamelessly, ignoring the more lucrative prestige carried by their “grail” watches.

The Swiss watchmaker’s boast perfectly reflects the President’s bombastic philosophy: if I say something is true, it is true. Facts and stats aren’t entirely besides the point. But they might be.

Trump Rolex Day-Date golf course

There’s no getting around it: the average person perceives Trump’s Rolex Day-Date as the ultimate horological status symbol. Forty thousand dollars for a watch! And when it comes to selling any product, including Donald Trump, perception is reality.

Or, in Trump’s case, political power. We’re talking about a man who convinced tens of millions of TV viewers/voters that he’s the world’s greatest dealmaker – without having made the world’s greatest deals. In that, his gold Rolex helped. A lot.

[I’d love to know when The Donald bought the Rolex. I suspect he did so to celebrate one of his many financial great escapes.]

Trump’s “Rolex President” is a One-Trick Pony

Donald Trump Vacheron Constantin

President Trump’s Rolex Day-Date is a comfortable and reliable everyday watch – provided the wearer wants to project the same “I’ve got money!” image every day, everywhere.

Like any watch wearer dressing for success, the President understands there’s no such thing as One Watch to Rule Them all.

And so Donald Trump also wears a Vacheron Constantin Historiques Ultra-Fine 1968 in pink gold (above) and a Genta-designed blue dial Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse (below).

Trump golf
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This tells us that the President is aware of the elite’s disdain for the Rolex President (both watch and man).

While The Patek-loving Powers That Be might tolerate a panda-faced Rolex Daytona, they consider a gold Rolex unmistakable, irrefutable, conclusive proof that it’s owner is nouveau riche.

Patek Philippe Golden EllipseTrump’s bipolar watch habit tells us the President knows that he straddles two worlds. He splits his energy – maybe even his identity – between his flag waving, Rolex-loving base and the swamp-protecting, Rolex-disdaining elite.

Rolex President

Donald Trump wants to be accepted by both. If he truly wanted to be A Man of The People – in the sense of embodying their aspirations – the President would wear the Rolex and call it good.

At the end of the proverbial day, Donald Trump bought the gold Rolex Day-Date for the same reason anyone buys a gold Rolex Day-Date: as a wealth signifier to both oneself and the world. I believe there’s nothing inherently wrong with that. We’ll soon see how many people agree.


  1. It’s all how you wear it, not necessarily the watch itself being “tacky” or for drug dealers.

    That “Watch Eric” guy is such a douchebag, it’s one of the reasons why the watch industry is lame. Him and Roman Sharf who I wouldn’t trust to mail a letter. Whatever those guys choose, I’d never buy.

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