Watch Guide Fail – Men’s Health

U-BOAT - not on the watch guide

In the pursuit of horological truthiness, I see a lot of watches. And plough through a great deal of regurgitated press releases, pretentious twaddle and simple-minded pimpery. The 25 Best Watch Brands for Every Man’s Budget falls into the latter category. The Men’s Health’s watch guide is so bland I thought I’d wandered into CostCo. I hadn’t. I wandered into nonsense . . .

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Bonhams Fake Seikos Back Online

Lot 726 Seiko auction

Bonhams screwed the pooch with Making Waves: Seiko. Internet experts browsing the online auction catalogue found an unhealthy selection of “Frankenwatches” (modified Seikos). Bonhams pulled the sale temporarily to “upload the condition reports accompanying each lot.” Bonhams fake Seikos are back online. Once again, nails it . . .

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Bonhams Seiko Sale Back On

Bonhams Seiko sale presser

After being caught with their proverbial pants down selling Seiko “Frankenwatches,” Bonhams Seiko sale is back on. The auction house now says it never cancelled the event – just pulled it temporarily to “upload the condition reports accompanying each lot.” Note: “upload” not update. Here’s the full statement:

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Bonhams Seiko Auction Cancelled Over Fakes

Bonhams Seiko auction Making Waves

Bonhams Seiko auction – Making Waves; Seiko The First Auction Dedicated to Seiko Watches – has been cancelled mid-stream. And for good reason. As our good friends at pointed out – in some detail – many if not most of the watches in the online auction were Frankenwatches. Watches with “replacement” parts. According to the frat boys . . .

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Seiko Turtle (Prospex SRP 775) Review

Seiko Turtle money shot

Released in 2016, Seiko’s modern SRP Turtles made a big splash with their retro good looks, high quality feel and eminently reasonable pricing. Have the “new” Seiko Turtles held up? What does their past reveal about Seiko’s present and future? . . .

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