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Seiko 5 Sports SRPD95 Review

The Seiko 5 Sports SRPD95 continues the tradition of the Seiko 5 as gateway drug. The first 5 was introduced in 1963 to lure young buyers into the brand, to set them on the path to more expensive and elaborate … Continue reading

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Coronavirus Catastrophe Kills Watch Sales

You may have heard that the coronavirus catastrophe has closed China for business. The effects are being felt throughout the region, and beyond. But that general statement doesn’t indicate the seriousness of the problem for Swiss watchmakers . . .

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Seiko Alpinist SARB017 Review

Japanese society is underpinned by a desire for wa, harmony. The Japanese seek harmony and balance everywhere, from what they eat to how they live and work. It’s especially valued in art and design – celebrated in ancient arts like … Continue reading

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New Watch Alert 1/24/20

Curating the weekly New Watch Alert is a Sisyphean task. No, I don’t have a social disease. It refers to Zeus’ punishment to King Sisyphus (not shown) for his lack of hospitality. For killing his guests. Zeus sentenced the King … Continue reading

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Seiko Solar Dress Watch ($85)

Back when I was a kid, $85 bought you a small house in the suburbs. Not really. But it wasn’t nothing. These days, you can’t buy a lot with $85. O.K., sure, a gram of cocaine. In terms of watches, … Continue reading

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Seiko Quartz LC Chronograph: Review

The Seiko Quartz LC Chronograph wasn’t my first watch. It was my first computer. Unlike my eventual Apple II, the Japanese digital watch didn’t overheat, crash or confuse me. There’s the time, day and date. M’kay? Here’s how the chrono … Continue reading

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Seiko 50th Anniversary Astron

In 1969, Seiko unveiled the Astron, the world’s first quartz watch. More accurate than any mechanical timepiece, the Astron marked the beginning of the “quartz crisis,” condemning centuries of Swiss mechnical watchmaking into oblivion . . .

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