Waltham Pocket Watch Made America Great

Waltham pocket watch on stairs

The Waltham pocket watch story begins in 1812 with the birth of Aaron Lufkin Dennison. Raised in the prosperous seaport of Brunswick, Maine, the cobbler’s son soon learned his father’s trade. As a teenager, Dennison suggested making shoes in identical batches, rather than one-by-one. It didn’t happen. But the idea of mass production stayed with him . . .

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Waltham Military Pocket Watch Project Pt. 1

Waltham military Pocket Watch

In Three Ways to Kill a Pocket Watch, I warned collectors to avoid eBay like the plague. Premium-priced, perfect-looking, “serviced” and “running” pocket watches might have hidden defects and inappropriate parts. Buy from a reputable dealer. There is another path: restore a broken ass pocket watch to its former glory. I spied with my little eye an entirely dubious Waltham military pocket watch on eBay . . .

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