Braun BN0172 Classic Watch – When Seconds Count!


The Braun BN0172 Classic Watch doesn’t seem like much. It isn’t, if we’re talking about price. The timepiece runs $300 on Braun’s website, but you can pick it up at Amazon for $136 (no commission on links).

What the Braun BN0172 Classic offers is actually quite rare in the horologsphere: an unmistakably prominent second hand.

Compare the cheap-as-chips Braun BN0172 Classic to the $5,900 OMEGA Seamaster Aqua Terra 150 (or any other high-end watch you care to name).

No, not the OMEGA brand’s rep, most excellent movement, water resistance or the fact that OMEGA doesn’t make electric shavers. The second hand.

Despite a needle-nosed tip that extends well over the rehaut, this is not the at-a-glance second hand you want.

Wait. You do want an instantly legible second hand, don’t you? Sure you do, if you’re into isometric exercises.

Wait. You have tried isometric exercises – where you hold a pose (e.g. plank) or weights in a static position for a minute, haven’t you? You should because isometric exercise…

Builds strength in specific muscle groups; they force the muscles to contract against a resistance, which helps to break down muscle fibers and stimulate muscle growth

Increases endurance in specific muscle groups; they help to improve the ability of the muscles to resist fatigue.

Improves flexibility by stretching muscles and tendons

Reduces pain by strengthening the muscles around the affected area

Improves posture by strengthening the muscles that support the spine

Lowers blood pressure by strengthening the muscles in the heart and blood vessels

Prevents injuries by strengthening the muscles and tendons around joints

I’m not an exercise guru, nor do I play one on the Internet, but isometrics are way better than lifting and dropping weights, both physically and psychologically.

It’s mentally easier to hold weight for a minute than it is to count off reps knowing how far you are in the process and, more punishingly, how many you have to go.

Chronograph you say? I don’t think so. Even if you use a flyback chronograph, that’s still a lot of pushing and looking when all you want to do is… breathe. Digital? More time looking/brain processing required and probably pushing buttons, too.

With the Braun BN0172 Classic, you glance at your watch, see the position of the bright yellow second hand standing out from the black dial and greyed-out hour markers, then look again (if the watch isn’t in view) to see if the minute has expired. It’s also excellent if you’re taking a one-minute break between traditional push-and-groan reps.

As for the rest of the watch, the Braun BN0172 Classic’s 10mm deep ceramic case keeps it light, the scratch resistant mineral glass laughs at weight contact and the Japanese quartz movement makes the watch accurate enough for government work.

On the downside, the pin & buckle leather strap is the ideal choice for sweat absorption, which isn’t ideal for gym duty.

The Braun BN0172 Classic uses a 20mm spring bar. A Precision Print spring bar tool costs $24. The perfectly named sells a beautiful Hirsch Arne hypoallergenic watch band for $140.

Yikes! That’s more than the watch, making the Braun BN0172 Classic a $300 timepiece. If money’s an issue, fit the existing band with a $12 hypoallergenic band liner and call it good.

And it is good: the perfect gym watch for the perfect weight training exercises, especially for those of us who’ve found isometrics more enjoyable and effective that weight lifting. And dropping. And lifting. And dropping. And the Braun BN0172 Classic is a stylish dress watch. What’s not to love?


  1. if you’re getting a German watch, why get a coffee maker one? Get the Muhle Teutonia Sport I Clous de Paris (which I’m considering, could use your review)

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