The new G-SHOCK GWG-B1000 Mudmaster is the latest addition to the Master of G line (est. 2015). It’s still as ugly AF (“the solid, rugged look of off-road vehicles and survival gear”). It’s smaller than its G-1000 predecessor (4mm shorter and 2mm thinner) though 4oz heavier than the GWG-2000. More importantly, the G-SHOCK GWG-B1000 has some new tricks up your sleeve. Captions on!

TLDW? One of the most important takeaways: some of the functions are controlled via Bluetooth to a dedicated app. In other words, the new G-SHOCK GWG-B1000 MUDMASTER is best used with a smartphone.

For example, if you want to know the distance and location to a specific point, you need to set it with the map app. (Previously. the direction function only used breadcrumbs to take you back from whence you came.) On the positive side, the new location finder doesn’t interfere with the second-hand-as-compass (pointing at true north).

The Bluetooth functionality is counter-intuitive; the watch was designed for the most rugged of all possible worlds. To get maximum use out of the G-SHOCK GWG-B1000 MUDMASTER, you best have a solar phone charger and not drop, lose or damage your phone. But hey, it has a phone finder!

Available in black, khaki and red, the G-SHOCK GWG-B1000 MUDMASTER’s hybrid construction combines loads o ‘metal with carbon-reinforced resin (e.g., the guards at the 3 and 9. The resins are forged by a new process to achieve the aforementioned case reduction.

The boffins also covered the metal components in DLC for extra super special durability. The resins are forged by a new process to achieve the aforementioned case reduction.

Aside from nav, the new watch’s increased resistance to mud and dust – thanks to screw-lock construction – is it’s Unique Selling Point.

I wasn’t aware that previous G-SHOCK Mudmasters failed due to dust or mud. And no watch is completely immune to dust and mud damage if they’re exposed to these elements over long periods of time. But more is better in Costa Rica, amirite?

Like all multi-function G-SHOCKs, the G-SHOCK GWG-B1000 MUDMASTER has a steep learning curve. “*When measuring the ambient temperature, be sure the watch is removed from the wrist to avoid interference from body temperature, perspiration (water droplets), direct sunlight, and other external factors.”

All this functionality, durability and WTF-is-that-on-your-wrist-ability is yours for $800. That seems a small price to pay to not get lost in the middle of nowhere.

That said, the $600 Garmin GPSMAP® 67i GPS Handheld with inReach® Satellite Technology with two-way messaging, interactive SOS alerts and location sharing is a safer and equally robust option. No phone required. Just sayin’.

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