Apple “Walkie-Talkie” Still Watch-Only App


The Apple Watch is a walkie-talkie. Well, a walkie-textie. Tapping into the 900MHz spectrum, you can message another Apple Watch using radio waves rather than cellular or internet service. Rumor had it that Apple was going to bless the next iPhone with the same function. Rumor had it wrong.

The technology used would have been different than what Apple uses for their Walkie Talkie feature on the Apple Watch.

According to a recent report from The Information this feature has now been out on hold, Apple were apparently working on this new technology with Intel and it would have been featured in future iPhones.

A decision not to harm Apple Watch sales or a simple reflection of production delays? Either way, skiers and other casual outdoorsman are on notice to watch out — while we await a Dick Tracey Apple Watch with voice comms and video link.


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