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SWATCHPay! Takes on the Apple Watch

The quartz crisis just about killed Swiss watchmaking. SWATCH saved the industry from Japan’s horological tsunami, then used the cash to hoover-up OMEGA, Blancpain, Breuget, Glashütte and other high-end watchmakers. These days, the expensive side of the biz is going … Continue reading

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How A Google Fitbit Can Beat the Apple Watch

The other day, Google paid $2.1b for Fitbit. The prospect of a Google Fibit got lots of press, most of it dismissive. For good reason. Google’s Wear OS software – powering a range of non-Apple smart watches – is a … Continue reading

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Watch Crime: September 2019

Expensive watches are criminal catnip. Cheap fakes are the bane of many manufacturers’ existence. And in San Jose your Fitbit watches you. Here’s our round-up of legally lamentable horological happenstance. You know, watch crime. Starting with a trip to the … Continue reading

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New Apple Watch 5 Revealed

Apple’s unveiled the new Apple Watch 5 and there’s plenty to get excited about — assuming you’re an excitable boy (or girl). The watchface is always on, saving Americans an enormous amount of effort and stress. Well, not totally always … Continue reading

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Apple Watch Chinese Factory Violating Labor Laws?

“We believe everyone in our supply chain should be treated with dignity and respect,” Apple said in a statement, after being caught with their sweat shop pants down. “We have robust management systems in place beginning with training on workplace … Continue reading

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Apple Files Biometric “Wrist ID” Patent for Apple Watch. Big Brother Is Pleased

Apple files patents all the time, as you’d expect from a company selling consumer products in the information age. This one is different. “The patent describes a biometric sensor built in a smart Apple Watch band which would recognize you … Continue reading

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How Long Will It Take Kids to Hack Apple Watch’s “Schooltime” Mode?

“It appears Apple is working on a new Schooltime feature for the Apple Watch,” macrumors.com reports, “designed to help students focus during school hours by blocking access to apps, complications, and notifications on the device. Emergency calls and alerts will … Continue reading

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