Hermes Arceau: Need Want


My name is Robert Farago and I’m a watch addict. No surprise there; I’ve started a watch blog. And I’ve got to say it’s doing nothing to get the horological monkey off my back, and everything to make the little bastard bounce off the walls like Robin Williams during major coke binge. So anyway, a new feature debuts: Need Want of the Day. It’s that little guy on the left . . .

The Hermes Arceau is to watches what Rachel Cook is to the female form. The watch’s “kooky” Arabic number display is just odd enough to be stylish, and just stylish enough not to be odd. But it’s the dials’ inner herringbone that really floats my boat. Texture. It’s a thing.

I’m also onboard with the two different lug shapes; an over-and-under combination that gives the piece depth and draws attention to the top of the watch, emphasizing the case’s round shape.

Needless to say the dry-witted Brit at — I mean featured an example of the Arceau line that’s not on their website. (A more uncouth writer than me might call him an Arcreau.) Oh sure, there’s this one:

But it’s white, not off-white, and it doesn’t have the herringbone pattern. Hermes’ website is also herringbone-deficient on their Arceau page. And that’s supposed to mean “hope” in French. As if.

Houston Hermes to the rescue! David tells me there’s one — count it one — herringboned Arceau on a black croc strap left in the entire USA at $6350 plus tax. And a few with a saddle strap for $6050 plus tax.

Need want. If only I hadn’t signed up for that Cartier dive watch. Or won the lottery . . .


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