Revenge Shopping? – Coronavirus Watch 12

Hermes Apple Watch - target for revenge shopping?

Revenge shopping in China? “Hermès is said to have brought in at least $2.7 million in sales on the reopening day of its flagship store in Guangzhou’s Taikoo Hui last Saturday,” Women’s Wear Daily (WWD) reports. The news offers a ray of hope for a watch industry in darkness. If there is a post-Coronageddon sales surge, they can hope for better days. But can they? . . .

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New Watch Alert 1/31/20

Blancpain Ode to Love 2020

My Apple Watch vibrates my wrist when it’s time to move around, lest I turn into Jabba the Horological Hutt. It’s an important feature – I lose track of time when I write. But I don’t lose track of watches for our New Watch Alert. Which is just as well. Each week brings a flood of new releases, of which I’ll share with you. Just remember: get up, stand up and stretch when you’re done. Otherwise, time will catch up with you . . .

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New Watch Alert 12/28/19

New watch roundup: Hermès Slim d’Hermès Cheval Ikat

Today’s new watch round up is a bit snarkier than usual. I blame the watches, starting with a horological horse of a different color: the Hermès Slim d’Hermès Cheval Ikat. Ikat? Wazzat? Wikidpedia rides to the rescue . . .

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Hermès Apple Watch 5: BCBG!

Hermès Apple Smartwatch 5 has a buttery soft strap

The Hermès Apple Watch 5 is one of those limited time only deals. Available in either a silver or blacked-out steel case, it differs from the highest price Apple Watch Series 5 in one key way: a Swift leather band. Here’s a closer look at Hermès band on the run [via]:

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Gear Patrol: Hermes Slim d’Hermes Is the Best Dress Watch You Can Buy

Hermes Slim d’HermesThis Is the Best Dress Watch You Can Buy Right Now proclaims under an admonition to JUST GET THIS. GP’s happy horolophiles tip the Hermes Slim d’Hermes as the number one choice for a dress watch. Hang on a minute there Slim . . .

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