How to Cheat on A Test With Your Apple Watch


The mainstream media — — is alerting the world that the Apple Watch offers enterprising/amoral students the opportunity to cheat on tests. As a journalist with 45 years experience, I’m thinking the following Twitter-sourced quotes from the Yahoo article are not a reliable indication  of a trend.  They’re like “man on the street” interviews. You know, cheating . . .

“An Apple Watch is the go-to way to cheat on any exam. Hands down,” Tweets @too_Coziey in December 2018. “I bought an Apple Watch just to cheat on exams in (high school),” writes @Shymyafaith.

“My teacher collects phones during exams so I brought two phones and an Apple Watch. I will cheat on my exam, (i don’t care) if it kills me,” writes Twitter user @Wontonpx. 

OK, the last one sounds genuinely genuine, given that teenagers are drama llamas. But one thing’s for sure: teachers will soon be collecting Apple Watches from students before their exams.


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